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2010-11-13 22.39.00A backpack (also called rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, or Bergan) is, in its simplest form, a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. (Yes, there are exceptions. Agreed.) Snail

So what brings me to the backpack today? It is my backpack. I realized today that it has become a part of me. I carry it all the time. It is one identity mark for me.

It is a multi utilitarian chest which makes me complete. It has all the sundry items whose absence doesn’t stop you from living but their presence does makes your life a better journey.

In my backpack, you’ll find at least two books. The books serve a good time travel on the busy roads of Mumbai where time is the new measurement unit of distance. (If you’ll ask someone how far a place is, probability is he will give the answer in the number of hours it will take to reach there rather than number of kilometres you need to travel.) Reading a book is in itself an exercise to sharpen your creative thinking skills, whilst you broaden your horizons. It nourishes the intellect and expands your imagination and knowledge. So it serves a dual purpose of time travel and food for mind and soul.School

Contents of my backpack

Then I carry a folder having the copy of all important documents like passport, license, etc. This comes in handy many times. Charger and earphone are next important thing that are just too difficult to ignore. With my battery guzzling Galaxy S, I need to be prepared for any instance of low battery signal. So instead of comminating myself, I prefer to carry the charger at all times. Earphone ensures an equally, round the clock availability of entertainment without disturbing the entire crowd. Then there are other sundry items like deodorant, a poly-ethylene, pen, tickets, a wrapping paper, glue etc. which can just come in handy at times.

On a regular weekend, I also carry a Short and Tees, for who knows after the hard hitting parties I may or may not head for my home. Winking smile

The objective here is not the items themselves but the subtle role they play now. I load my backpack with these items and my backpack takes the load off my life. A flight of imagination can take me anywhere and so am prepared for a harlequin journey anytime.

Sleepy smile I guess now its time to close this backpack and go to sleep because in the morning I have another engagement to attend to and my backpack is packed.


He who sins must die…until fate permits…

Today is a historic day. Kasab, the lone terrorist survivor in 26/11 Mumbai attack, was given capital punishment.

Bullshit…come out of the dream…This is just the start of another long process of do’s and don’t. It took around 1.8 years to give him the punishment that too, by a special court. In normal circumstances, the convict himself has to appeal against the order, if he wants too, but in this special case where a life is being taken away, the special court has to sent all the papers to Bombay HC anyway, only after which, the BHC will proceed to confirm the sentence.

So the crap-head has still got a few months before this sentence to be executed.

But wait, ain’t he got the option of appealing against the order in Apex court. Ofcourse ofcourse, he can. And which I think he will…This process might take some more time, maybe years.

So the crap-head has still got a few years before this sentence to be executed.

Ahh…How can I forget, even if Apex court gives the nod to death sentence, he can file a mercy petition before the president. A terrorist can exercise all the rights after all…India is fair to all (outside the country)…And it is well known, the president always tale the advice from cabinet on such petitions. And once the matter is transferred to government, god only knows, for how long the petition will be hung and pending.

So the crap-head has still got a few more years (maybe decade) before this sentence to be executed.

And going by the records, till now close to Rs. 35 crore has been spend on him and his security. A team of doctors check him daily. Watchtowers has been increased in and around Arthur Road Jail. Special cell has been made for him. Just imagine the cost India will have to bear to keep him alive till the time the process is finished, to get him hanged.

Is he worth that consideration? I say no…the whole India will  say no…Don’t let him exercise any of his rights…hang him…NOW ………

After a long season of waiting, betrayal, fighting I finally set my foot last weekend on the pathway to have my dinner at BADE MIA for the first time.

For those poor souls that are ignorant about this heaven-abode, let me mention that it is a very famous spot for Non-Vegetarian foodies at Colaba, Mumbai. It is spread over the whole back alley behind the TAJ. No, its not a restaurant. It’s not a hotel. It is just a 3×1 feet stall on the pathway, with seats laid-out on the footpath covering the half of street-side in length. But  when you’ll look at the crowd swarming there for delicious mouth watering kababs and bhuna gosht and other such delicacies of the likes, it will amaze you. At least this is what I’d heard about it and that’s why I was anxious to visit there once and quench my appetite. I may sound gallous but it’s me and I love my status as being a gourmet.

So I reached there with my friends by six in the evening and found that the shop hasn’t opened yet. Preparations were going on. Tandoor was being set. Utensils were being washed up, which gave me an ugly thought of dogs licking the plates last night. I could actually picture them calling more of their breed using their hi-fi sonic sound. Why weren’t the plates washed earlier at the time of closing yesterday? I shared this yuck thought with my friends and they started beating me right there for my evil thoughts. (We skipped our meal in the noon so as to appreciate the dinner with vigor.) Certainly, none of us was in the mood of auditing their mess, so we left the place, only to come back later.

Around 8 o’ clock, we reached to the much awaited destination again. But to our awe, the place was already overcrowded. All the seats were full. I asked a waiter to reserve seat for 5 and he just went away, shrugging his shoulder. I could clearly read the implied meaning: “Jagah mile to baith jao verna khade raho”. (If you find an empty space, please sit or else just keep standing and keep looking.) How honest was the person. Waah waah…At a restaurant, you will certainly beat the hell out of the waiter if he even dare to meet your eyes. All because you are paying a nice amount to be treated as King. But on the roadside dhaba like Bade Mia, everybody is treated in the same manner i.e. without manner. 😀

After a long hour of waiting, finally one of my friend was able to dug his nails on a table to mark it as his property. As soon as he did so, he glanced at other 2 groups that were also vying for the same spot with a ferocious hawk eye look. Probably, it came out more as a reason of bowels churning up to a unbearable limit than to invite any reaction from them. We all sat there with our head held high (not because of the esteem of getting a seat but to get ourselves noticed by the ever busy waiters.) Finally a waiter had pity on us and came to our seat. We were discussing over the menu and finalizing the items to order when the waiter cocked on us to quickly give the order. We were awe-struck with such reaction. But the hunger in us was climbing to the apex, so we concentrated on the menu selection. Once the order was laid, a lot of commotion followed thereafter till we finished our dinner. Like the main course was served before the starters. And when we complained about it, the waiter just plainly said: “Arrey aa raha hai, Paneer tikka hi to hai naa starter mein aur kya hai” (Its coming. Only Paneer tikka is there in starters huh.)   Then the fight over roomali roti. The mocking quantity of hunger striken chicken slaughtered and served in a plate that was so small to let alone serve only a child. As we were about to finish our dinner, we heard the same waiter fighting with customers on an adjacent table. Their only fault: they asked him for water after paying bills. “Paani chahiye tha to pehle bolna tha. Ab mujhe waha tak jaana padega(pointing towards the counter), paani lana padega” (If you needed water, you should have asked me at the time of ordering, now I’ll have to go all the way back there to bring you guys, water). Waah… Uske bolvachan sunne ke baad ab kuch aur order karte nahi bana. Jitni izzat bachi thi usko samet ke hum logo ne waha se palayan karma uchit samjha. We paid the bill and left with whatever pride we have left for ourselves.

My first and hopefully final visit to Bade Mia was a big let down. I’ll never understand the psyche of those who swarm that concrete boulevard to have a tasteless feast served cold.

A lot hapened yesterday in Mumbai.

 I finished some work that was pending for long, after my manager gave me a final warning.                                                                                                                                   The news of the cyclone “Fyaan” coming towards Mumbai but missed it.             The match between India and Australia didn’t happened due to rain.             The worst thing is Indian team got caught partying with their pics released and News channel making breaking news out of it.

Nothing more can be said about my work, so jumping on to the second point, “Fyaan” came in the news and not in mumbai. Good for Mumbaikars, but my office didn’t called the day off as others did and that set me on fire. I was so excited to go and watch the match in the second half and thought that this cyclone couldn’t had a timing better than this. But destiny it seems is always fallible in my case. As the news of early closing of offices came, so came the news of cancellation of the match. Like this was not enough for me, my office didn’t announced the half-day holiday. “Bhagwaan jaane kitna kaam rehta hai. Andhi toofaan mein bhi kaam karna hai inko.”

I reached home in the night at around 10:00 PM and found my flat partners grinning. I instantly got the point that they got the day off. Nothing can be more frustating than seeing my buddies at rest without me and more on before me.

And also India slipped one rank below to number 3 in rating and it surely calls for a celebration and so the Indian players rocked the floor and their pics were unleashed in the morning and were rocking the news channel. Now what the hell is the problem with media. Why shouldn’t they enjoy their life. Is it all about playing and winning only? Why can’t the media for once just air the news as it is without the use of spices. I know Dal tadka is hot favourite but normal “Dal-Bhaat” should be served instead. Arrey baba, inki jeb se paise nikal ke to party ki nahi thi…ki yeh naraaz ho gaye…Saalon ko bulaay nahi honge..tabhi badhak uthe…Why would any sane person call these morons? Bulaate to aur video bhi le lete then they would have started analyzing different postures and grooving moves of players. 2-3 days ka kaam to ho jaata. In gadho ko moot bhari tanki mein dubo ke marna chahiye….(I’m sorry, language is getting degraded word by word and so are my thoughts…) Better to end this blog right here. When my sanity will return, may be I’ll write a gentlemen type blog, with good words that only gentlemen use. Lekin yeh saale kutton ko woh suit nahi karega….yeh kamine is layak….ohk sorry sorry… I’m ending now…

Keep visiting friends…Bye   Bye.

Now that Swine Flu has got its due attention in India, it’s time for an interview with the Common Man. Mumbai serves a brooding place for different races castes and creed So I interviewed a few of  Mumbaikers of what is there opinion on this newly created scare. Let’s see what does Junta thinks –

Ques. What do you think about Swine Flu?

Ans.  Aji Isme sochna kya hai, Jo suwar jaisi harkat karte hai yeh unke liye   hai…bhagwaan sab dekhta hai…Humne to uski(GOD) bandagi mein jeevan  arpit kar diya…yeh sab humko nahi ho sakta. (One pandit ji said this to me when I visited a temple to see what effect is there on people. Are they still coming there for worshipping and yes they are.     

Ans.  Its not that fatal as it has been reported. People are panicking unnecessarily and with media reporting it with the addon glamour, this virus has got more coverage than needed. You can see people buying all sort of masks as a measure    of prevention. This is totally uncalled for. You should first try to get as much  information as you can instead of acting foolishly. Most of us buying it to wear it just for the sake of it. For others it serves as a fashion statement. None of us really concerned with Swine Flu. Yeh Bhed-Chaal ki aadat to jamaane se hai. Aise asaani se to jayegi nahi. (My doctor whom I went to see for my regularcheckups)   

Ans.  Mein to kuch din bahar hi nahi jaoongi. I’ll rather stay at home. I’ve to leave my boyfriend too, so this is a good time to execute my plan. He’ll also keep distance with me and won’t bother me. (My netfriend at facebook updated her status like this)

Ans.  Yeh sarkar kuch nahi karti. Iss desh ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Arre koi facility hi nahi hai..Itne time se chal raha hai. Airport pe quarantine bhi kar rahe the naa. Kuch hua ?? Nahi…Arre sahib aapne dekha hota kaise to log bheed lagaye the counter pe. Arre form pe bhala koi likhega ki mujhe bimaari hai. Batiye sahib.  And You won’t believe everybody was just thronging upon the counter to get his/her form stamped. No proper checking. I got my form stamped like that only. (One uncle was telling this to his colleague, who were sitting next to me on a local train. It seems he was more anxious to tell that he traveled by air.)

Ans.  Ab hum to yaha samaan khareedne aaye hai. Aisi sale roz to lagti nahi hai. I also brought a mask. Look!!! So nothing to worry about. Also I take  Chyawanprash daily. Haan saala yeh hai ki cinema hall nahi jaoonga. Yaar Kaminey bhi release nahi ho paa rahi hai…Kitne time se intezaar kar rahahoon. Lagta hai ab torrent hi download karna padega. (One guy told me this at Big Bazaar, Kandivali)

I got different responses and I was glad to find out that people are taking precautions and are more informed this time as against when SARS hit India a couple of years back. I would also like to tell you all that this is not a new virus. It was discovered way back in l987. If you remember, 2 years ago SARS was blown out of proportion, what happened? Humans develop immunity to the virus, the same is going to happen, we develop immunity in due course of time, the virus is in the air, you can not stop it, our body is already developing the immunity so nothing to panic.