What’s in the Backpack?

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Amazing, Freedom, Global, Human, India, Life
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2010-11-13 22.39.00A backpack (also called rucksack, knapsack, packsack, pack, or Bergan) is, in its simplest form, a cloth sack carried on one’s back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. (Yes, there are exceptions. Agreed.) Snail

So what brings me to the backpack today? It is my backpack. I realized today that it has become a part of me. I carry it all the time. It is one identity mark for me.

It is a multi utilitarian chest which makes me complete. It has all the sundry items whose absence doesn’t stop you from living but their presence does makes your life a better journey.

In my backpack, you’ll find at least two books. The books serve a good time travel on the busy roads of Mumbai where time is the new measurement unit of distance. (If you’ll ask someone how far a place is, probability is he will give the answer in the number of hours it will take to reach there rather than number of kilometres you need to travel.) Reading a book is in itself an exercise to sharpen your creative thinking skills, whilst you broaden your horizons. It nourishes the intellect and expands your imagination and knowledge. So it serves a dual purpose of time travel and food for mind and soul.School

Contents of my backpack

Then I carry a folder having the copy of all important documents like passport, license, etc. This comes in handy many times. Charger and earphone are next important thing that are just too difficult to ignore. With my battery guzzling Galaxy S, I need to be prepared for any instance of low battery signal. So instead of comminating myself, I prefer to carry the charger at all times. Earphone ensures an equally, round the clock availability of entertainment without disturbing the entire crowd. Then there are other sundry items like deodorant, a poly-ethylene, pen, tickets, a wrapping paper, glue etc. which can just come in handy at times.

On a regular weekend, I also carry a Short and Tees, for who knows after the hard hitting parties I may or may not head for my home. Winking smile

The objective here is not the items themselves but the subtle role they play now. I load my backpack with these items and my backpack takes the load off my life. A flight of imagination can take me anywhere and so am prepared for a harlequin journey anytime.

Sleepy smile I guess now its time to close this backpack and go to sleep because in the morning I have another engagement to attend to and my backpack is packed.

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  2. humayuddin says:

    Hey Anu,
    Thought provoking. Your contribution is too touchy..

  3. anu-mantra says:

    Thanx Huma for your gentle comments…

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