Samsung released the much awaited Gingerbread firmware update (DDJV6) for Indian users starting 31st May, 2011. The update is available via Kies.


My story starts ugly as Kies showed me the upgrade notification, but when I started the process it crashed in between saying “Firmware Update Stopped”.

When I contacted the customer care for the support the guy sounded more frightened than me. He told me he can not do anything and I should better visit their service center. I specifically remember him saying – “Sir, itna mehenga mobile hai. Yaha se nahi bata sakta. Agar kharab ho gaya to?”. (Sir, it is an expensive mobile. I cannot give you a solution on phone. What if it gets bricked?) They themselves don’t believe in Kies, what else to say? Now as rumors goes, the service center guys are the least helpful people in India. First of all, they would unnecessary keep your phone for at least 1 day and chances are they will probably screw up the whole thing to teach you a lesson for your mistake of affiliating with Samsung.

With such high standards of Samsung, it is a pain to see such an inexperienced unit of guys hired by them at the support level in India. They are a total waste.

I, instead, searched the net for a probable solution and tried reinstalling the software, tried different OSes and different system but it didn’t worked. What I didn’t try was doing a factory reset because I didn’t want to loose my data and apps. It might have solved the problem but still I didn’t take the chance.

So I was left with only one option – update the firmware via ODIN. For nearly one year, I avoided the use of this S/W for flashing ROM. There are so many custom Rom (Darky’s Rom is the best IMO) and stock Rom available but I stick to my region firmware, updated via Kies only. Froyo was so frustrating with the lags and hang ups and crashing at odd times. And I desperately wanted an upgrade and because of this impatience

I finally decided to update the Android 2.3.3 (DDJV6) firmware update via ODIN. After downloading the firmware (thanks to Sam Firmware) and ODIN, it took me only 5 minutes to flash my ROM with the awesome firmware Gingerbread.

Ginger bread upgrade

Now I can see a distinct up boost in performance. There are no lags. The touch is buttery smooth. I plugged in to Kies after manually updating the firmware. It is having no problem recognizing my phone and the firmware. It shows – "This is the latest firmware".

So concerns related to warranty are none. The best part was I didn’t loose any data or apps after the upgrade. All my contacts and messages along with all the apps were there much to my surprise.

But as always the case, I didn’t stop on this. I went ahead and a few hours ago wiped data and partition via recovery mode and lo! I had a nothing left with me. Thankfully, I had took a backup before on my SD card so I restored my contacts and messages but my apps are all gone and there is no remarkable speed boost. In fact, there is a strange zooming effect when I click on any icon or app to open. The touch is not that sensitive now. I don’t know the problem as of now. Will fiddle with the settings and see if there is anything that can be done from there.

In any case, I’ve Gingerbread ROM on my Galaxy S and it sure is fast and improved. In a matter of minutes I’m all praise for this nice upgrade. Now it’s time to play around on my refurnished mobile. Will keep you all updated.

Screen Shots

SC20110603-180814  SC20110603-222658   SC20110603-222712



  1. Udayakiran says:

    You should have tried a factory reset. It solved the problem for me. The Kies application was crashing for me too when i tried to update.

    I went the same method as you did, even creating multiple Virtual Machines to try in that. Finally, I did a factory reset, removed the SD and tried again in my desktop, it worked.

    I wasn’t scared of losing my contacts, because everything is stored in my google account. 😀 I just have to login, and it restores everything. You should try it too.

    • anu-mantra says:

      Yes I did it later and now Kies is working fine…
      And yes I have now connected my account to my contacts…so everything is backed up automatically…thanks..

    • Rajatjsr says:

      Hi Udayakiran,

      I have been trying to update my Galaxy S through Kies and after a certain point the update stops. I have tried upgrading the phone through different machines and the story still remains the same.

      I have been searching the net for the solution but is yet to find one. I don’t want to take the ODIN route. Can you pls help me out.


      • anu-mantra says:

        HI Rajat,

        If you can tell me the exact message it gives, when it stops…or is it that it just won’t proceed beyond a certain point.

        Needless to say, have you checked your internet connection. Is it proper and does not get disconnected frequently…

  2. rajatjsr says:

    Thanks for the reply. Yes it stops at a point where it downloads the update 100% & at the time of installation it stops give a message ‘FirmwareUpdate has encountered a problem & needs to be close. We are sorry for the inconvenience’ and has two option Send Error report or Don’t send.

    There’s no problem with the net connection. I have tried updating it from 7 to 8 different PCs all show the same problem. Pls suggest an alternative to loading the firmware.


  3. anu-mantra says:

    Yes I also faced the same problem…

    Following are the solutions that you may wanna try. Please do take backup of all your data and media beforehand. You might loose them in the process. So better be safe than sorry. 🙂

    Solution 1. Factory Reset
    Do a factory reset by going to Settings –> Privacy. Do a factory data reset.

    If solution 1 doesn’t work, You might wanna do a hard reset.

    Solution 2. Hard Reset
    Go to recovery mode in your mobile.
    To go in recovery mode.
    Switch off your phone. Now hold the Volume up key and Home key simultaneously and press the Power button. Just as the phone boots up and the GT I9000 text appears, release the buttons. You’ll go into the recovery mode.
    In recovery mode, select Wipe Data and Wipe cache partition one by one.
    Come out of the recovery mode by selecting reboot option now.

    Now connect to Kies using your data cable. This time most probably you’ll be able to upgrade your phone to Gingerbread.

    If by any chance you need( or want to try flashing through ODIN), tell me and I will try to help you.

    Anu Mantra

    • vee says:

      this is not working for me..ive been trying to format my phone to factory reset but hoping to get rid of freezing issue but even if ive factory reset it from “privacy” and dialed *2767*3855#,it’s still the same still freezes.ive used kies to check my version,and it says its the latest firmware..can u please help me?im desperate..ive emailed samsung support and they wanted me to send it to the nearest service station.i dont have that option.

  4. ashish says:

    i wana upgrade via odin
    pls help

  5. anu-mantra says:

    Hi Ashish,
    Before telling you how to upgrade your OS via odin, I need to know your Phone model and version of OS you are having right now. So that I can provide you with the links for appropriate firmware download.
    After you download the firmware we can proceed with the steps on how to install it via Odin…

    Word of Caution: Using odin is not the safest way and it also voids the warranty. It might brick your phone too (though it is almost negligible.) Having said that, I’m here to help you with the installation. The risk is yours…to lessen the risk the support is mine… 🙂

  6. LALIT says:


    WHEN i try to connect my phone via kies dont detect that phone ….
    same problem was with my last phone galexy 3….
    any safe method…………..
    plz help me..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. LALIT says:

    my kies is not detecting dammmmm my phone………even i take out memory card…………………any method ANU……

    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Lalit,

      Please check if you have the latest version of Kies installed.
      You may need to factory reset your phone, in which case you’ll loose everything – your apps, contacts, msgs etc. So you might wanna try connecting your mobile to another system before doing a factory reset…

      Tell me if you still face problems after all these tips…I’ll try to help.


  8. naveen says:

    when i try to update via kies it says this device”s version cant be updated.plz help

    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Naveen,
      If you are in India, then u r eligible for DDJV6 upgrade. But for that you need to be on an Indian version stock ROM only.

      Can you tell me the kernel version and your build. If it is not INU then you will not be able to upgrade your phone via Kies.
      I need to know the exact version you are on to help you better.


  9. LALIT says:

    HI ANU…..
    i recently upgrade my galexy s i9003 to gingerbread….2.3.4 XXKP9..
    and now DDJV6 is avilable…………….
    is DDJV6 stable version??????
    should i go for that???

    if YES then plz provide me some links provid this firmware DDJV6


    • pardhu says:

      Hi Lalit.

      i have got Galaxy S (GTI9003) last week. i came to know that Ginger bread is available for GTI9003 and u too got the same and updated with Ginger Bread. plz help me how to upgrade my Mobile OS to Ginger Bread

  10. naveen says:

    kernel version root@SE-S605#1
    build number FROYO.DDJP6
    PLZ help anu

  11. pardhu says:

    any one plz help me in upgrading my GTI9003 to Ginger Bread….

    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Pardhu
      Yes there is an upgrade available for GT I9003.
      I would suggest you to go to the website – for search upgrade I9003. Pretty much sure u’ll find something there.
      If you don’t get the necessary tutorial or download files, please contact me again and I’ll try to find a direct link for u and will also explain the steps to you, if you have any confusion…

      Do share your experience about the upgrade and performance once you are done. It’ll help others…

      Anu Mantra

  12. pardhu says:

    Hi Anu,

    Thank you very much for your suggestions and i have been to the link. But couldn’t get any update info about GTI9003. can you plz pass me on direct link where i can directly download Gingerbread files. becoz i am new to android world…

    Thank u very much

  13. pardhu says:

    Hi Anu..

    it is GT-I9003
    Firmware Version is 2.2.1
    Kernal Version is
    Build No FROYO.DDKF1

    plz help me..

  14. never bothered with kies since day 1 after it gave me hell upgrading from eclair to froyo .. all because the fool gave an older box which had shipped with eclair …
    ever since that day .. odin is the hero [help me fix the 3 button combo too which was disabled on mine]
    now it is all custom for me … running v10.2 EE of ficeto’s latest darky rom with the ddjp4 india modem and voodoo+root+titanium pro
    i recommend all should get the Titanium free atleast … great for backing up apps and app data

    what i want to ask however is has there been a 2.3.4 released for india yet? and if yes … please post the link to download

  15. Jay says:

    I have a trouble with Samsung Galaxy S Clear LCD GT i9003, i tried to update with ics via SD Card after finishing it got error and it was serviced by Local Mobile Service Center and the Network is not available i am not able to make calls through mobile. After i tried ODIN Toll based on instruction on XDA and other Forms. But No Use i facing different different problems.

    Now i facing problem like after flash with ODIN 3 V1.82
    — Movie)+_check Start..!!
    movinand read fail
    Movinand Checksum Confirmation Fail
    lfs pass open fail

    — movi_checking undone !…

    update media, please wait
    E:Can’t mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p1
    (No such file or directory)
    E:copy_dbdata_media:Can’t mount SDCARD:

    your storage not prepared yet. please use UI menu for format and rebot actions.
    copy default media content failed.


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