So finally, our great master blaster is on twitter now. He joined twitter some 21 hours back with his first tweet as:

Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I’d like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies,

In the after-noon, at around 3:30, I got the news and log on to my twitter account to see his profile. God…as much as I was delighted to see the original sachin on twitter, another thing that caught my eye was his followers…a whooping 41,953…in about 56000 secs and counting. It was an eye candy to watch how much the mass loves him as a player, as a person and as an Indian.

Here is a snapshot of his profile at 3:33 P.M.

Sachin 1 - 3.33

and just after 2 hours at around 5:17 P.M. the followers list crossed to 50,006

Sachin 1 - 5.17

and by the time I write this article, at 00:21 A.M. IST..the followers list is 86,626 and still counting…

Sachin 1 - 0.21

and guess who benefitted most from his intro…our Zaheer Khan…who happens to have a reply from Sachin…Earlier he had some odd 29,000 followers but after I started monitoring sachin’s profile, I also monitored his profile…and he has some 42,146 followers as of now….great…

zaheer 1 - 0.35

So ….as I write this article, the clock is ticking and the followers are still increasing for Sachin…such is the reputation of our magnificent player…he is one of a kind, the only cricketer who appeared on times magazine.

  1. Suhail says:

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  3. Harshit Nandan says:

    I am with khan saheb……kaam chalu karo bhai..:)

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      Anu Mantra

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    with lots of luv regards yours ketan

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