There’s a lot of update that I’ll keep posting so watch out for more.

You might also like to read the comments section as  a lot of discussion and solutions are provided in there.

Finally, I bought my very first smartphone after a year long search and research. It is Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000, a super cool 4” super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen smartphone.

IMO it is the best available model in the higher range. Let’s talk about its qualities and shortcomings:

Screen: The most striking feature of the phone is its 4” 16M colors Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. It has a resolution of 480×800 pixels. So what you get is super smooth touch experience. Once you’ll use it I’m sure you’ll never like to switch to TFT screen. Even in broad daylight, the visibility is clear to some extent. The high pixel resolution makes for good legibility.

Operating System: Running on Android 2.1 (Éclair) with news of upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) makes it a great choice. More importantly Samsung has its own 3.0 touchwiz UI interface over the OS for some great experience.

CPU: A huge 1 GHz Arm Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor makes sure the phone works fast and is capable of handling heavy tasks and applications without any grudge. Well, personally I don’t think so coz in my case I had to force close some applications because they stopped responding. (Well that’s me, so I think I went too harsh on the phone during testing.)

Network: Quad Band 2G and Tri Band 3G support

(2G – 850/900/1900/2100    ————     3G – 900/1900/2100)

Storage: A whooping 16 GB of internal storage (2 GB reserved for application installation). 512 MB of RAM. Option available to include a SD card also. It can support upto a massive 32GB. So rest assured you’ll never find yourself stuck with space crunch.

Camera: 5MP, 2592×1944 pixels primary camera and a 0.3 MP secondary camera on the front.

Misc: Other necessary features worth mentioning

WI-FI 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA

Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP

Micro USB port

Stereo FM Radio with RDS

GPS with A-GPS support

Java via third party

Divx/Xvid codec compatible along with other codecs.


No flash with the camera.

No flash support for the browser

My Take:

The sleek design and a vibrant screen is no doubt a show stealer. I have got a lot of appreciation for the phone from my colleagues and even strangers. People just stop to have a glance at the phone. For me it’s a full paisa wasool.

Now let’s talk about my experience and testing.

The interface is simple and very handy to use. The large screen makes up for the lack of physical QWERTY keyboard by replacing it with a virtual keyboard. The touch sensitivity is a delight. The super AMOLED screen does wonders. The legibility is great even if compared outdoors. In short the whole browsing experience has been a sweet journey for me.

The android market has more than enough apps for you to experiment upon. With the update of Android 2.2, many more features will be added in no time, like for instance flash support for browser is there with Android 2.2

The annoying thing is if GPRS is enabled, it will automatically sync many applications with online Google account. Also the free GPS navigation is a no go. For the first time, I was billed Rs 30/- for a 2 minute usage. Ohhh boy frustration…I was asked to connect my calendar with Google account for the first time. I did it and immediately I was online on Gtalk and Gmail without my notice. It was when I started receiving updates and messages that I realized what has happened. In two days, I was billed with an amount of 200 bucks for the usage of GPRS only. So a word of caution to all who are planning to buy this phone (as a matter of fact, any phone running on android) should get an unlimited GPRS plan if you really want to use all the features of the phone.

As mentioned, the powerful CPU and big memory does make a difference. But upon installing a number of applications and games and movies, my phone has gone a bit slow. Some applications take a few seconds to open now (mind you my phone is just 2 weeks old.) So I’m not sure where the problem is but am certainly keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Froyo update will relieve me from this lagging issue as it is advertised to be 2.5 times better than Éclair on performance and responsiveness.

Camera without flash is a lamp without Jeannie. The pictures taken are very clear on the screen but if transferred to computer, the details are not that fine. It’s like you can rub the lamp and lit it, but you’ll always left wishing for more. But that’s not an issue for me, as a normal user the quality is more than ok to me. However, things go bad in low light. So that’s a big let down from Samsung.

720p HD video recording is finally there. With 16GB storage plus 32GB extendable via SD card, you are sure to enjoy the moments without the worries of space. Video taken is of  great quality. As explained earlier, availability of flash would have an added advantage, but nonetheless, the videos are still good. There is another MMS recording mode which lets you record video on lower resolution but it is useless. The quality suffers a lot in that mode.

Now let us comes to games. A lot are there in market, both free and paid. As a true Indian I always go for free ones (:D 😀 :D). Asphalt, A-Team, Assassin Creed, Kick Boxing to name a few. A whole bunch is there for selection and am sure you’ll love your phone more when you see the grace with which it handles all these heavy apps. Java is available via third party application, which I am unable to find till now. Still searching for one. So Java enabled apps and games are not working right now.

The movie player is simple. Nothing funny in the interface. But the most important thing to note is the support for Divx/Xvid videos. Yes, even full length movies are playable on the player without any lag and also the audio/video sync is perfect even if you drag the video to any length. And I must tell you this but I felt proud again when I watched the movie on my phone. The colors are very crisp and vibrant. The clarity is awesome. Subtitles are also welcome. And the best thing is you don’t need to convert the video to any format or resolution. Direct download and play. Wow…it’s the best. The phone supports a lot other codec too like flv, mkv, mpg, mp4 but for most you have to download additional codec. I downloaded them from market and the videos are all playable on my phone.

This phone is packed with a lot of other sundry features. Every other day I discover some new functionality or process. I must say I am quite mesmerized by this device. Its potential is unmatched to any other device right now.

Finally, while concluding the final thing that needs to be mentioned is the 1500 mAh battery which last for around 1 day on normal usage. Playing games, watching videos, using GPS or WI-FI drains the battery quickly but that is quite expected. Nonetheless, if you decide to buy a white elephant, you should be ready and prepared to feed him. So I would suggest one to be geared with USB charger all the time. It is not that much of a load I guess, is it?

Last but not the least, if you have any query or doubt, feel free to drop them in comments section and will be happy to help you in any way I can.

Update: Asphalt on I9000 – I have been watching carefully on the search words and found this game to be one of the most searched one. Let me tell you playing Asphalt 5 on I9000 is a great experience. There is no lag what so ever. Thanx to the great H/W spec.

Update 2: Many video formats including flv, mpg, mpeg etc are not playable on the default player. I installed another player named RockPlayer that can play them for me. After installing the player, flv formats started playing on the default player also but not other formats. Also Xvid Video was not playing smooth. So I guess its not that optimized as advertised. I had to tweak a lot to get the formats played on my phone.

Update 3: While writing the review, I didn’t fully explored the camera features. I apologize for that. The camera comes bundled with interesting features that helps to enhance the picture quality. Except the lowlight disadvantage (absence of flash), the camera is good otherwise. Also for video recording it has got a lot of features and recording mode. I am still in the hang of it.

Update 4: About the GPS – I think this is one thing that Samsung didn’t pay attention to while launching this phone. I tried the GPS outside and it locked on to my location in some 1 minute –  accurately. The navigation was quite smooth. But things go ugly when using it inside the room. It doesn’t lock my location many a times and even if it does so, it’s not accurate. I don’t know if its a Hardware issue or a software issue. If H/W issue, then its something we all Galaxy owner have to live it with and if it’s a S/W issue then what the hell are you waiting for Samsung, haven’t you recieved the news yet. Need a firmware urgently…

Update 5: Layer Reality Browser: Used it today and I’m impressed with it. What a cool app it is. It has some great layers that you can use to get information about your surroundings or to just have some fun. The Layar Reality Browser shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of the real world as seen through the camera of your mobile phone. This technology is called Augmented Reality. We augment the real world as seen through your mobile phone, based on your location.

Keep watching for more updates….

  1. Suresh says:

    Wonderful review buddy.. I am looking to purchase one of these! How is it like to read ebooks on this phone? I’ve found reading difficult on my current phone which is 3.5 inch. Do let me know 🙂 Thank you again.

  2. anu-mantra says:

    Hi Suresh,

    Thanx for dropping by. I am glad you took time to read through the Article. The phone is great and uptill now it is running smooth. Reading e-book is comfortable as you can set the font as per your choice with the help of multitoch feature which makes it much easier to change the font. There is an Aldiko Book Reader pre-installed on the phone. The words legibility is great, thanx to 4″ super amoled screen.
    But personally speaking, reading a full novel on the phone is not my thing.
    Do get in touch if you have any other query too…

    • Suresh says:

      Hi Anu,

      Thank you very much for your response which I really appreciate!

      Here’s another question 😀

      So what can you tell me about the battery life in 3G mode with moderate use namely mostly reading ebooks for an hour, with an hour and 1/2 of calls over bluetooth and with some wifi internet browsing for an hour! How many % of the battery would remain.

      Also what do you reckon would be the best price I can get this after a month

      Thanks buddy!


  3. anu-mantra says:

    Hi Suresh,

    a single answer to all your queries about battery life will be…always carry a charger or USB cable…hehehe….well jokes apart, the average battery life last for 5-6 hours when i play games and watch movies, use WI-FI etc…along with few calls.

    On a normal usage with just calls and messages and a lil music…it goes for over a day…

    For example I played Asphalt for 2 hours continously yesterday and battery was showing a 30% decline only…which I suppose is good…Also I watched 3 movies back to back when my phone closed the video player automatically…I think that’s pretty much OK…
    Also reading E-books doesn’t take up that much juice out of battery…
    I haven’t used this phone over 3G no idea…but reading the reviews on net, the avg is around 5-6 hours…

    Also this phone worth is around 28K now…including VAT…as of now there doesn’t seems to be any news of price depreciation but in a span of 2-3 months, u can expect to decline it by 3000-4000 buckss because Nokia N8 is also expected to release by that time at a price of 23K. Fingers crossed…

  4. Suresh says:

    Hey Anu!

    Thanks again buddy for your super quick response!!! So if it aint gonna drop in price by much then prolly I’d just run over and get it ASAP 😀

    Sorry to bother you with some more q’s

    Any idea about how good the phone is when playing 720p and 1080p videos?
    Also is the 5.1 surround via headset impressive as advertised? Does it work with movies too??

    Sorry for my questions again!


  5. Thank you very much for sharing this. I have subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up the good work.

  6. alok says:

    its truly a great phone and i brought it 2 weeks ago and still exploring new things each day, use it in free time to listen songs on my a2dp bluetooth philips stereo headset. gaming is still not much as less good games available. my movies play best and tht too without conversion and that too 720 hd. 1080p movies dont play. i waited for 1 year looking for best phone..initially i thought hd2 but when i saw specs of i9000 then i knew its the one i was waiting waiting for froyo.. i am sure no one will regret with this phone.. lags are there but its on pc too and hope these minor issues will solve with froyo..

  7. Suresh says:

    Hi Alok,

    Thank you very much for your inputs.. Appreciate the time. Wow am surprised to hear that it plays 720p without conversion!! Cool stuff! Just saw that a new HTC phone is coming up in 3 months with a 4.3′ WVGA display called HTC Desire HD or Ace.. Wonder if I should wait for it even though am highly tempted to get Galaxy S :-S


    • anu-mantra says:

      Lemme take it one at a time.
      1. Yes it plays upto 720p resolution videos without conversion. After all it records video at that resolution too…Normal downloaded movies plays great without lag. A/V sync is perfe ct even if u forward the video to any point.
      2. HTC HD2 is a great fone too. It is available in grey market at a price of 24k. I saw it myself. But it is not an android based phone. It is a win mobile 6.5 phone. If OS doesn’t makes that much difference to u. Then it a great phone too…but I’ll still prefer Galaxy over it anytime.
      3. Buying it now or later is solely upon you. My advice is that u go to Croma or eZone and ask for a working demo. You’ll see the difference yourself. The touch experience is awesome.

      P.s. there’s no need to say sorry buddy, i’m more than happy to help at any time. Investing so much on a phone is really a big thing. I’ll love to help u make an informed decision.
      Thanx alok for your inputs, so how do u find your new phone. Do tell me about it.
      Last but not the least, i’m posting this comment from galaxy s only. Always online… 🙂

  8. Suresh says:

    Hey Anu!

    Thanks for answering the questions so sincerely and honestly buddy. I am going to buy this phone next month 🙂 I guess a 0.3 inch wouldnt make much of a difference so no point waiting for HTC Desire HD.

    I am really happy to have got so many answers buddy. I would love to keep in touch with you and become friends. My email id is

    Thank you.


    • anu-mantra says:

      Hey thanx for the interest…and am glad that u r satisfied now…keep coming back to see for updates and problems and fixes…also before buying do get in touch once more….happy independence day…

      • Suresh says:

        Hey Anu!

        For sure man! I’ll definitely let you know a couple of days before I buy! 🙂 Happy Independence day to you as well!


  9. IP camera says:

    Nice work! great website

  10. Uday says:

    Hi Anu

    I got this phone 2 days back and I have to agree with what you say. It is awesome. I am still playing around with it and it is a good way to keep one occupied :).

    I was dilly dallying between a HTC Desire and the SGS. I chose the SGS mainly for the S AMOLED screen, processing speed and memory. Like you say, I guess the phone will be even better after the Froyo update

    Hey, regarding the phone slowing down after some use, can you recommend any app that will clean out the cache and other stuff?


    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Uday,
      Thanx for dropping by. Yeah you are right. The feeling of owing this phone is great. The screen is one of its kind. Never ever felt better while using a touchscreen. And after froyo update, this device is expected to perform 2.5 times better than now.

      Regarding your query, there are a number of apps that you can use. The most popular is Advanced Task Killer. But if you ask me, I’d prefer Super Security. It is an anti virus, safelock and also has a task manager. So this multi feature app is much better than Task Killer. You can download both from android market and see for urself which suits you better. Feel free to ask any more query you’re having.

      Also do tell me about your experiences with this phone. Would love to hear from you.

      • Uday says:

        Anu, many thanks for your valuable suggestions. I installed super security and it is good. Asphalt 5 is just terrific on this phone. I have ordered a 32GB micro SD card and I believe with the Froyo update, apps can be stored and used from the SD card. Is that true?

        The sound on the phone is good (though not great). The other thing is that Kies (from Samsung) is quite a big program and not very user friendly. Is there any other option for syncing with PC? I run win 7 ultimate on my laptop.

        I have seen on a lot of forums that the SGS looks cheap and plasticky. I guess it is plastic but the advantage is that if the back case breaks or wears out, there are cheaper options for replacement available. I also wanted to ask you on suggestions for a lens protector. Do you think one is needed. I have seen all these awesome online demos where they throw screws and run knife blades on the SGS screen but it emerges unscathed!!

        Keep sharing your opinions and let us know about useful apps. Till now, I have all free apps downloaded (like Facebook, Twitter, Cricinfo)


    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Uday,

      Sure I’ll keep posting any new findings or problems or solutions perhaps, as soon as I get it…Regarding the cover, I think they did it to keep the weight down, which is incredible keeping in mind such a large phone. And yeah you are right that the replacement will be cheaper and easier…
      Also about camera lens cover, I think the leather pouch provided will do fine. When not in use, I generally put it in the pouch only. So no need to worry I guess.
      Also do tell me if you stumble upon some nice and cool apps.

  11. very nice. thanks admin.

  12. faisal says:

    galaxy is greatest… simply to say it understand well what i need. i cannot access email option with yahoo. but gmail works properly… would u tell the prob??

  13. faisal says:

    galaxy is greatest… simply to say it understand well what i need. i cannot access email option with yahoo. but gmail works properly… would u tell the prob??

  14. Onim says:

    galaxy is greatest… i got the same problem. i cannot access yahoo email with this phone on e mail option. but gmail works well… anyone tell the solution??

  15. anu-mantra says:

    Hi Faisal and Onim,
    The problem is unidentifiable server. I’m currently looking for a person who could guide me to set server settings. You see, the POP3 or IMAP settings and their ports play a big role. For google it is already set. We’ll have to set it manually for other accounts.

    Please do post it here if you get the solution…
    Thanx in advance…

  16. Rastin says:

    with the 2.2 update flash will be supported.

    • mayank says:

      Hi anu mantra,
      Nice review there…I have the SGS..its a wonderful phone and after using if for over two weeks now and I am glad I bought it…

      but am facing a couple of issues…would be gr8 if you could throw some light on it..
      1) I was charged for GPRS without me even using it. I am always on wifi. Can you let me know what setting should I change to stop using GPRS .
      2) If you could please let me know the Baseband Version and Kernel Version and also if there are any upgrades for the Baseband Version, if yes then how should one do it?
      3) I’ve noticed..sometime my phone switches off automatically, are you facing any such issues?
      4) How is KIES?

      Please let me know, Btw. chess is also a good game on android.

      • anu-mantra says:

        Hi Mayank,
        Thanks for dropping by. No doubt this is the best phone launched by Samsung till date and it would not be an exaggeration to term it as an i-Phone killer.
        Regarding your issues lemme take it one by one:
        1. See if GPRS service is activated then you’ll be charged by default because some applications uses online services in background. You might have your Wi-Fi enabled which overrides the GPRS but if for some reason you are out of Wi-Fi zone, GPRS is activated automatically. The solution is if you don’t want GPRS, get it disabled by the service operator.
        2. Go to Applications –> Settings –> About Phone. Here you can get all the information about your phone. News about upgrades – Officially in India, I don’t have one. Although some leaks are there, if you want to try them at your risk. One good thing is Froyo update is officially announced now and is available in US via KIES.
        3. No I haven’t faced any such issue. Although I do have to force close some applications sometimes or my phone hangs for few seconds but does not switch off automatically. If it’s too frequent please get it checked at the service center.
        4. Never used KIES. Although I did installed it on my system. But it said that it is compatible with Samsung Wave. Didn’t try much at that time. Will let you know later.

        Thanks again for visiting. Lemme know if your queries were answered. Or just in case you have some more information that would be helpful for others do post it here. I may include them in updates section (with your name of course).

        Keep on coming and sharing.

        P.S. Will definitely try chess. It didn’t came to my mind to search for it in market. Thanks.

  17. IP Camera says:

    Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

  18. IP Cameras says:

    The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

  19. IP Cameras says:

    Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

  20. PTZ Dome says:

    Fabulous posting bro. This important is just a tremendously nicely structured post, just the critical info I was looking just for. I praise you

  21. Suresh says:

    Hey Anu!!

    Finally got my Sexy beast the Galaxy S last evening. My god! it is easily the best phone I’ve ever owned till date.. The display is …. “have no words to describe coz am stunned” Am glad I got this phone.. Even if it was 50k this phone is worth buying…

    Everytime I see the screen its a wonderful moment! I cannot believe that my worn out eyes can see it so clearly! LOL

    Hey for someone above who wanted to stop the GPRS, use a prog called MDC (mobile data collector) or Power control plus.. these 2 can deactivate the GPRS by either renaming the AP or switching it off..

    • Suresh says:

      And thank you for all your help Anu.. really appreciate it.. Oh btw, I got the phone at Chennai Mobile Store for 28k + 0.3k for theft insurance.

      • anu-mantra says:

        Hi Suresh,

        Thanks buddy for inking your appreciation. Am glad you finally own this mega smart phone. Welcome to the Galaxy Club…hehehe…And thanks for the solution regarding stopping the GPRS switching. I’m sure many will find it useful.

        Keep in touch…

  22. Jason Jette says:

    Interesting point of view.Thanks for the post. – Computer dating is fine, if you’re a computer. Attributed to Rita Mae Brown

  23. Undoubtedly, one of the best article l have come across on this precious topic. I quite agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your coming updates.

  24. Suresh says:

    Hey Readers,

    Just some quick tips for clearing out certain problems in this sexy beast… First is an app called “Ryanza’s One click lag fix” in the android market. This is just totally brilliant!!!! IT is like STEROIDS for the Galaxy S. Try it out guys.

    Next is a website. Please goto to get some cool apps.

    Also for app reviews, use

    Hope this helps someone somewhere someday!

    Suresh a.k.a DroidSuree since 6th Sept ;-p

  25. Suresh says:

    I am sorry, I forgot to mention, only if you root your phone you will be able to fix lags.

  26. mayank says:

    Hey Anu,

    Are you using any kind of hard case/silicon case of your sgs..i was looking out for one..have you come across any?..The phone did come with the leather case but I feel these other cases will be better and less of a hassle..

    Also, I installed KIES and connected my phone to my PC..first thing I did was to take backup of the contact and messages(Thank god I did this..). My phone was on the I9000DDJF4 baseband Version and KIES informed that an upgrade is available for my phone. I upgraded the Phone and now it is on I9000DDJG4. ONE WARNING: KIES will not restore the data on your phone, so its advisable you take the back-up of the contacts(which we can reload on the phone) and Messages(I have not found a way to reload these) on your PC. The Data on your Internal Memory will remain, but all the apps will be Deleted!! Yes..they will be Deleted from your phone, but if you go to the market, all your previously downloaded apps will be there in the ‘Download’ Tab. I know this is bad but its the way it is..Hope Samsung realizes this and has a fix for it..So in case you or any visitor who reads this is on the older firmware and is thinking of upgrading to the latest firmware then DO TAKE THE BACKUP.Hope this helps..

    The latest firmware has a pre-installed Applications Manager, there are other minor tweaks here and there..

    I found one interesting application called NoLED.. The SGS does not have an LED to inform us of missed calls/messages/gmail alerts this application shows an icon on the screen while it is on standby an icon for message on your black standby screen when u’ve got a message and an icon for a missed call if u’ve got a missed call..

    Do share any interesting apps you come

  27. Great piece of details that you’ve obtained on this website submit. Hope I might get some a lot more of the stuff in your website. I will are available back again.

  28. anu-mantra says:

    Thanks mayank…thanks a lot…Actually I didn’t used KIES as explained earlier…so thanks that u shared ur experience. it will prove a boon for me and many others reading this article.

  29. 床墊 says:

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  31. preethi says:


    i have a question …. how would you compare wave and SGS ? .. and i hear motorola milestone is also similar to SGS.. any thoughts?

    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Preethi,
      I get this a lot and the answer is:
      Comparison can be done based on OS, Screen and mainly Price.
      let’s c, OS for wave is BADA OS, a flagship of Samsung. Apps are there for BADA. And the reports are positive. Galaxy is powered by android 2.1 slated for an update to 2.2 so there you go. rest depends on you.
      Screen – Wave has 3.3 inches screen while galaxy has 4.0 inches.
      But to compensate the price difference is huge. Galaxy comes for some 28K and Wave is priced at 18K. So a 10k bucks does makes a difference. Also at this difference 3.3 inches also doesn’t sounds too bad… apart from that Wave has got a flash for camera, galaxy doesn’t have it. But galaxy’s got a huge 16GB onboard storage that’s missing in Wave. Rest of the specs is same. So if you see, all depends on your budget. both have some features extra or missing…
      I hope this comparison will help you with what you wanted to know.

      Regarding Motorola Milestone, priced at some 25K, I would suggest you to raise your bar for 3k more…Spec wise Galaxy S is way far too superior than Milestone. main difference is of screen. Once you use a Super amoled screen, i don’t think you ever look anything less than that. TFT won’t impress you.

      • preethi says:

        thanx a lot for the reply … yea the price is the only thing that got me thinking about wave . only worry for me is the memory .. not much internal memory .. also i went to some stores to check out the phone and heard that a 16 gb card will make the phone slower.. have you had a chance to try wave? maybe you can give some insight on this…

  32. anu-mantra says:

    Hmmm…Ok if that’s the issue. I’ll certainly like to help you. One of my friend has samsung wave. So I’ll ask him about his experience with the phone and will get back to you shortly.

  33. IP camera says:

    Is there something up with the site. It’s loading up pretty slowly for me. Someone else experiencing this?

  34. Anusmit says:

    I own a SGS and the lag is there no running away from it…There is a great need for a firmware update…while the screen is amazing I think I would have preferred the smoothness of the Desire….
    I would like to know how you got the GPS and Layar running…I have a GPRS plan but I cant seem to find a layar for mumbai…Also any word on the Froyo update in india…there again its been available on the desire for about a month now…

  35. Anusmit says:

    @ mayank:
    Does the firmware update via KIES take away the lag??? plus any updates on that silicon case or hard cover case…plus I was also looking for a 3-in-1 screen guard which samsung launched in the US….any tips on that

    • mayank says:

      Sorry for the late revert..ok..Unfortunately the lag has increased post the firmware upgrade..!! I have finalized on the Case-Mate Tough Case and the Realook Screen Protector..both are available in the US only..and Shipping it here makes so waiting for someone to get this for me..will update once i get them..also could you post the link for the 3 in 1 screen guard

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  40. chathura says:

    Hi Anu,

    Do u hv any experience with the virus guard available for free download in the market. Is it essential to download a virus guard??

    Also pls update me on perfect light settings ( in % ) for maximum battery usege without disturbing the quality.

    A minus point for me is the Skype is not available for this phn. Do you have any suggestion for this??

    Anyway goodwork Anu…Keep it up…


  41. 監視器 says:

    hey. I just got word of this unique webpage and I should really believe that this unique is a nice write-up. Bless you for this kind of awesome info.

  42. mayank says:

    hey guys any idea about froyo? heard that the updates are already on for some countries..when is our turn? Also I hear that the SGS meets the hardware requirements for “Gingerbread” hoping this too comes to our phones!!

  43. SR says:

    Hello Anu:

    great blog with v useful info esp re Samsung Galaxy S which the folks at the shop knew little about 🙂 any suggstns on which would be agood phone with touch facility primarily for calling, smsing and calendar utilities? i dont need games/ GPRS/ camera/ music

  44. Matthew says:

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000M and I was loading an email and the screen went black. There is nothing happening at all on the screen. The menu and back lights are on, but the phone will not load. I have taken that battery out, turned off the phone and neither worked. When it loads again the screen does not react and the menu and back button light up.
    Does anyone know what might be causing this? I had the applications running widget turned on and there was nothing happening in the background. I believe this means that I did not have anything turned on that would have caused the ram memory to hit the ceiling.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  45. makuchaku says:

    A very nicely done review and equally amazing number of comments 🙂

    I wonder why you havn’t tried the following…
    1) LagFix for fixing slow IO access (head over to
    2) TV out functionality via the 3.5mm headset slot (

    Its a rock solid phone once you implement the LagFix! & i’m getting mine this November :))

    • anu-mantra says:

      Thanx Maku for your suggestion.

      I have tried Lag Fix but am still waiting for froyo update.

      And do come back once you get this phone. It would be nice to see your comments about your experience with the phone… 🙂

  46. mayank says:

    Froyo is officially here!!

    Guys Froyo is here..anyone has it upgraded(officially through kies) yet? I am planning to upgrade my system this weekend. Any advice would be great!!

    • anu-mantra says:

      Hi Mayank,
      I also heard the news today and ever since trying to connect to Kies but my mobile is always in the initializing mode and never gets connected. Maybe because of One click lag fix which I uninstalled but this is a guess.
      Will tell about the problem in more detail once I get through it…
      Anybody else if you have updated to Froyo, please do share your experience and advices.


      • anu-mantra says:

        A good news to all…I successfully upgraded my cellphone to Froyo.
        Wow it is so wonderful…It is working great…
        Still in the hang of it…Browsing its features…
        Will update ya all later…

        Happy Upgrading…

  47. mayank says:

    Hi Anu,

    Could you please elaborate on the process for the upgrade? It’ll be really helpful. What happened to the data on the phone? The apps? The Contacts and Messages, other data saved on the phone memory? what are the major changed that you’ve seen? Has the lag gone away?

    Sorry for so many question, but just very curious to know.

    • LALIT says:

      @MAYANK…………i just upgrade to gingerbread 2.3.4

      the first very important change u can see is that is battery back up… increase dramatclly….the word came from my mouth after see that””WOWoooo””””.and its so important that battry life should be high if ur a smart phone user like galexy..
      second thing camra quality is also improving…some little feature has been improved like network bar,battery icon,sliding sutter icons(gps,auto rotate,blootooth,wifi etc)… go with that one………….its awesome really…….

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