Just like that….Bakwaas !!!!

Posted: November 12, 2009 in cricket, Freedom, Global, Human, India, Uncategorized
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A lot hapened yesterday in Mumbai.

 I finished some work that was pending for long, after my manager gave me a final warning.                                                                                                                                   The news of the cyclone “Fyaan” coming towards Mumbai but missed it.             The match between India and Australia didn’t happened due to rain.             The worst thing is Indian team got caught partying with their pics released and News channel making breaking news out of it.

Nothing more can be said about my work, so jumping on to the second point, “Fyaan” came in the news and not in mumbai. Good for Mumbaikars, but my office didn’t called the day off as others did and that set me on fire. I was so excited to go and watch the match in the second half and thought that this cyclone couldn’t had a timing better than this. But destiny it seems is always fallible in my case. As the news of early closing of offices came, so came the news of cancellation of the match. Like this was not enough for me, my office didn’t announced the half-day holiday. “Bhagwaan jaane kitna kaam rehta hai. Andhi toofaan mein bhi kaam karna hai inko.”

I reached home in the night at around 10:00 PM and found my flat partners grinning. I instantly got the point that they got the day off. Nothing can be more frustating than seeing my buddies at rest without me and more on before me.

And also India slipped one rank below to number 3 in rating and it surely calls for a celebration and so the Indian players rocked the floor and their pics were unleashed in the morning and were rocking the news channel. Now what the hell is the problem with media. Why shouldn’t they enjoy their life. Is it all about playing and winning only? Why can’t the media for once just air the news as it is without the use of spices. I know Dal tadka is hot favourite but normal “Dal-Bhaat” should be served instead. Arrey baba, inki jeb se paise nikal ke to party ki nahi thi…ki yeh naraaz ho gaye…Saalon ko bulaay nahi honge..tabhi badhak uthe…Why would any sane person call these morons? Bulaate to aur video bhi le lete then they would have started analyzing different postures and grooving moves of players. 2-3 days ka kaam to ho jaata. In gadho ko moot bhari tanki mein dubo ke marna chahiye….(I’m sorry, language is getting degraded word by word and so are my thoughts…) Better to end this blog right here. When my sanity will return, may be I’ll write a gentlemen type blog, with good words that only gentlemen use. Lekin yeh saale kutton ko woh suit nahi karega….yeh kamine is layak….ohk sorry sorry… I’m ending now…

Keep visiting friends…Bye   Bye.

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