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So July is about to end. Well, this wasn’t a very great month for me but the ending is going fine so “All’s well if ends well”.

So let’s start the journey of my pathetic start when the appraisals were announced and the company settled with the decisions of giving peanuts to employees as it is good for health. Well, I’m allergic to peanuts in that way. A lot more were too. But nothing happened. Then started the series of long conversations, brain storming sessions with colleagues and managers, low performance after effects, complaints from either side, promises and all that. It all lead to a dead end. Then mid way I decided to move on and still trying to move on.

Next in line is that this month my writing abilities were paralyzed and I now see around 9 articles drafted and resting in my kitty. I was too busy sorting official issues that I didn’t get time to think over. But now I’m out of the grudge mode and trying to be back on track. Parties, movies, trekking, novels – a whole lot of stuff I did in the last 15 days and am feeling good now. Although my account balance is showing a steep decline – worst over the last few months but that’s all right. There are no free lunches in this world and materialistic happiness is as important as any other spiritual stuff (I’m not a hermit for god sake, I like to enjoy.)

Next weekend am going home so that’s very good news. Also I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 with costs a fortune but I bought it for my “feel good factor” and seriously it did have a positive effect on me. I am too eager to show my prized ownership to my family. I am writing a review on the phone with the perspective of an Indian consumer and will post it very soon once I am through with the features of the phone.

Well I guess this is it. Too much of detail is uncalled for so I’ll end it here. This post is meant to serve as filler for my oath of posting at least one article a month. I hope August will revive my spirit from the ashes. Fingers crossed.

Adieu Dear Friends.


Happy Days are here again

Posted: January 15, 2010 in India, Life, Society
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So, the first good news of 2010 marking it as HAPPY NEW YEAR literally for me is that my brother has bought a house in Gurgaon. He finalised the deal yesterday and will be moving in by 1oth of next month – the day he got maried 3 years ago. It calls for a double celebration.

My mom told me this news on phone and she sounded quite happy. I ached for her love at the very moment and wished if only I could go to Delhi to meet her. Its been a year when I last met my parents. Also my mom and my sister-in-law are conspiring against me to get me into talks about my marraige. A reason substantial enough to keep me away from home apart from my work.

Well anyways, the “griha-pravesh” as we call it, is a very important ritual that we follow before moving in to a new house and certainly it will be big event for a get-together of my family and relatives. Unfortunately, I may not be there because of the sheer work load hanging on my shoulders. But such auspicious occasions are rare and I hate it when am not able to make myself available for such occasions.

I wish my brother a happy life ahead. May the light be with him.