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Update: As I am no more in insurance domain, I do not possess any material as of now. But one of my reader Rahul volunteered and agreed to help others by giving them suggestions and materials. His Email-Id is So those who need the help regarding the LOMA exam may reach him at the address provided. Also do not forget to thank him for his help and time.

Today I did something great. I cleared my LOMA 280 certification with 88%. Big day for me because just last week I got my dates and due to work pressure and then a trip to Hyderabad in the weekend really hindered my preparation. But as they say “All’s well that ends well” so the results are just good enough for me considering the two day time frame I got for preparation.

Well for starters, this is a world wide benchmark especially in field of health and Insurance business.
LOMA is an international association which offers products and services developed specifically for the management and operational needs of the insurance and financial services industry.
LOMA Courses (certification exams) are mandatory as a step up for employees towards their professional designation. Some companies seek their employees to have this benchmark certification in order to enhance the confidence of the clients. Certified employees do have various benefits like- promotion, customer interaction opportunities.

More details about LOMA on

My day started with a bad dream of not able to appear for the test. Phewww…boy th0se dreams always haunt me…Exam was in the second half so I freshened up and started a quick revision of whatever I was able to study in past two days. Apparently it was not much to score…or so I thought…

I reached to my office some good 50 minutes before the punctual time of 2:30 P.M. that was assigned to me and registered my presence to everybody – my friends and colleagues. Then I went to my PMP manager to know the proceeds for the exam and he asked to sit for the exam right then and asked whether am all set and prepared.

I went blank for few seconds and excused myself and went to cafeteria to have a cup of tea and some snacks. Anxiety was killing me. Whatever I was thinking at that time was just not helping me.  I was not afraid of failing but the fact that I would be the one of the first few who have failed this exam. Second reason was monetary that my company will scoop out the exam fee out of my ass if I failed. As a good boy that I am I have never given my company any chance to scoop anything out of my ass but the big boss always keeps a check nevertheless and never misses the opportunity however feeble it is.

But by the grace of my ISHT-DEV I was saved again. So there goes another happy week…party time this weekend. Probably will go to Lalbaug, Mumbai to see the ongoing Ganeshotsav which I think is the most colorful and vibrant festival celebrated with awing fervor in Mumbai…More on this later…Right now am good and happy so let’s celebrate…


So July is about to end. Well, this wasn’t a very great month for me but the ending is going fine so “All’s well if ends well”.

So let’s start the journey of my pathetic start when the appraisals were announced and the company settled with the decisions of giving peanuts to employees as it is good for health. Well, I’m allergic to peanuts in that way. A lot more were too. But nothing happened. Then started the series of long conversations, brain storming sessions with colleagues and managers, low performance after effects, complaints from either side, promises and all that. It all lead to a dead end. Then mid way I decided to move on and still trying to move on.

Next in line is that this month my writing abilities were paralyzed and I now see around 9 articles drafted and resting in my kitty. I was too busy sorting official issues that I didn’t get time to think over. But now I’m out of the grudge mode and trying to be back on track. Parties, movies, trekking, novels – a whole lot of stuff I did in the last 15 days and am feeling good now. Although my account balance is showing a steep decline – worst over the last few months but that’s all right. There are no free lunches in this world and materialistic happiness is as important as any other spiritual stuff (I’m not a hermit for god sake, I like to enjoy.)

Next weekend am going home so that’s very good news. Also I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 with costs a fortune but I bought it for my “feel good factor” and seriously it did have a positive effect on me. I am too eager to show my prized ownership to my family. I am writing a review on the phone with the perspective of an Indian consumer and will post it very soon once I am through with the features of the phone.

Well I guess this is it. Too much of detail is uncalled for so I’ll end it here. This post is meant to serve as filler for my oath of posting at least one article a month. I hope August will revive my spirit from the ashes. Fingers crossed.

Adieu Dear Friends.

All of you who have seen the movie ‘Wednesday’… will love these rephrased Naseerudin Shah Dialogue’s…

Project Manager Rathore : कौन हो तुम..??? क्या पहचान है तुम्हारी ?

Unkonwn Caller : कौन हूँ मैं…मैं वो हूँ जो आज committment करने से डरता है, मैं वो हूँ जो आज घर जाने से डरता है, ये सोच के की कहीं घर वाले पहचानने से इंकार ना कर दे…

मैं वो हूँ जो आज job change करता है तो सोचता है की कहीं recession में मुझे कंपनी से ना निकाल दे…

मैं वो हूँ जिसकी बीवी उससे friday को दस बार फ़ोन करती है, “क्या कर रहे हो…?? काम ज्यादा है…?? थक गए हो…?? ”

मेरा हाल पूछने के लिए या काम पूछने के लिए नहीं, राठौर साब…

बल्कि वो ये जानना चाहती है की… कहीं हमेशा की तरह एंड मोमेंट पे बॉस के बुलाने पे मैं saturday को भी ऑफिस तो नहीं जा रहा…

मैं वो हूँ जो breakfast के टाइम पे डिनर करता है, लंच टाइम पे breakfast करता है, डिनर के टाइम पे लंच करता है… वो भी टाइम मिल जाए तो…

मैं वो हूँ जो अक्सर फसता  है
कभी Interviews के सवाल मे फसता है , कभी बड़ी कंपनियों के जाल में  फसता है, कभी बॉस और client के बवाल मे फसता है…

Walk-In की भीड़ तो देखी होगी आपने राठौर साब… उस भीड़ में से कोई भी चेहरा चुन लीजिए.. मैं वो हूँ…

Another episode of pakistan ruthlessness happened and we are here filled with all the rage and anger, protesting and yelling against them, against the handcuffed officials, against the eunuch government but the million dollar question is

Is diplomacy the right solution?

I have everything in me against Pakistan as a nation (not necessarily against the citizens). I have grown up seeing this friendship calls between the two countries but it never happened in a true sense. Recently the We have some values and if our government is making effort to preserve this secular and peace loving status, we should support them. What if it takes some lives. India is a land of martyrs and one addition will not make other martyr’s space being eaten up. Who would mind? huh…the common man. Let them mind. What else can they do? I am so enraged about this because incidentally I was in Delhi near Sansad Bhavan when this protest against the Pakistan was going on. A little traffic jam was all that it was worth for. Police holding them up in a little space and our brothers were yelling just like chickens in the farm who saw one chicken being slaughtered and the rest is left to one’s own imagination to understand. For how long we’ll do bilateral talks and peace efforts? Is it even worth a penny? They keep on infiltrating and stabbing and doing all the stuffs that we don’t expect them to do. What is wrong with us? I’m trying hard not to mention the name of kasab, but it pains me to know that he is still alive.

I feel we should freeze the efforts being done on our part. Don’t show them this open arm and loving heart thing. I’m not asking the government to turn hostile towards them. But its time to turn stiff towards them. And when I say stiff, i mean it. Just for once retaliate. Do hell with this goody-goody image. Lash them hard and good. Turn a little barbaric and teach them a lesson for good. It’s not that we will do it for the first time. We had some great indian extremist against the british raj (Extremist only because it was british raj) but now we’ll have to do it for a free country, our country.

(Though this event is not directly related to us, but the implications are synonymous to ours. So I felt I should address this issue with only one motive – Do we really need to be friends with Pakistan? Maybe the people are good there too, maybe they too want peace, may be the government also is sincere {LOL}… but it’s just not happening. Why to hang on it? Just leave it. No need to be friends.)

Trafficking in human beings has become a matter of serious national and international concern. Although the human trafficking ranges from forced labor to illegal activities like begging and organ trade to sexual exploitation etc., I’m herein referring to the child trafficking in particular for sexual exploitation and forced labor.

Magnitude of the Problem

In India, a large number of children are trafficked not only for the sex ‘trade’ but also for other forms of non-sex based exploitation that includes servitude of various kinds, as domestic labour, industrial labour, agricultural labour, begging, organ trade and false marriage.
Trafficking in children is on rise, and nearly 60% of the victims of trafficking are below 18 years of age. In India the population of women and children in sex work in India is stated to be between 70,000 and 1 million of these, 30% are 20 years of age.
Nearly 15% began sex work when they were below 15 and 25% entered between 15 and 18 years. A rough estimate prepared by an NGO called End children’s prostitution in Asian Tourism reveals that there are around 2 million prostitutes in India. 20% among them are minors.
A study conducted in 1992 estimates that any one time 20,000 girls are being transported from one part of the country to any other.

Prosecution and Reality Check
Going by the stats, I don’t think the vision 2020 turning up into reality. Although the Government of India prohibits some forms of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation through the Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA). Prescribed penalties under the ITPA — ranging from seven years’ to life imprisonment — are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those for other grave crimes. India also prohibits bonded and forced labor through the Bonded Labor Abolition Act, the Child Labor Act, and the Juvenile Justice Act.

But the problem is that this very lucrative business is facilitated by corrupt officials and publicly renowned figures that are having a major stakes in this. Instead of penalizing the culprits and providing justice to victims, they protect the goons from threats of Law enforcements. How can we dream of a better India with the youngsters falling prey to such heinous crimes.

Trafficking in human beings, especially children, is a form of modern day slavery and requires a holistic, multi-sectored approach to address the complex dimension of the problem. It is a problem that violates the rights and dignity of the victims and therefore requires essentially a child rights perspective while working on its eradication.
In the fight against trafficking government organizations, non-governmental
organizations, civil society, pressure groups, international bodies, all have to
play an important role. Law can not be the only instrument to take care of all

Though I’ve restricted the scope of my article to India only but it’s a prevailing problem world over. As a responsible global citizen, we should raise our voice against this hideous crime.

Create awareness around. It’s the least we can do from our side. Parents should be more cautious and aware. Also as a society we need to be more stringent against such activities.
Let’s pledge to stand against child trafficking and give the young ones a better tomorrow.

For more information on human trafficking log onto:

Is Google’s ‘super phone’ Nexus One turned out to be a super flop? The company is flooded with complaints relating to its first branded smartphone. In numbers too, mobile research firm Flurry estimates that Google sold around 20,000 units of Nexus One phone in its first week, the sales figure is well behind that of competing smartphones.
Nexus One is reportedly giving users tough time with Google’s support forums full of customer complaints regarding company’s poor service.

Here’s looking into what is  Troubling Google Nexus One

3G Connectivity

Poor 3G connectivity seems to be one big sore issue among Nexus One users. According to reports, Nexus One switches back and forth between EDGE and 3G service even when strong 3G signals are available.

A user wrote on a customer forum, “Don’t have a “comparison” phone next to it, but I can confirm that the 3G signal falls in and out almost constantly. It moves between 3G and EDGE probably every minute.”

Another wrote, “I upgraded from a blackberry pearl to the nexus one. I cannot get any 3G service as of yet. Don’t know what the problem is. TMobile and HTC have not been able to help.”

A company spokeswoman said that Google is aware of the problem and is looking into it.

Poor Customer Support

Another issue troubling Nexus One users is the device’s customer service. Many users are complaining that they have to shuttle between Google, device manufacturer HTC and network provider T-Mobile USA to sort their issues. Many buyers are also grumbling that they have nowhere to go but online for answers to complaints or questions.

Usually mobile-related problems are directed to the service provider as in the US most people buy subsidised phones from a mobile operator. However, since Google is selling the phone directly to end-users, it has resulted in many users turning to the search giant itself.

Also, Google reportedly appears to be only accepting e-mail customer queries, to which it pledges to reply in one to two days. On the forums, Google promises an e-mail response within 48 hours, but offers no telephone service.

User forums are swamped by customer complaints that they need a proper customer care centre for the device just like other manufacturers provide.


Many users are also reportedly said to be facing problems in using the phone’s touchscreen and difficulty in returning back to the home screen. Google Nexus One features a 3.7-inch (9.4 centimeter) AMOLED touchscreen display. However, the phone doesn’t support multi-touch functionality.

Delivery Problems

With Google selling the phone directly to users through its website, many users have also complained about delivery issues.

Many users wrote on Google customer forum that they didn’t received order confirmation even after three days of placing an order. A user wrote that he is waiting for his order to be processed even after 72 hours.

Battery Life

Users are also reportedly facing issues with the battery life of Nexus One phones. The mobile phone’s battery seem to be shortlived, with many complaining that it runs out of power in a day even with minimal use.

According to Google, Nexus One offers talktime of upto 10 hours on 2G, upto 7 hours on 3G. Standby time is upto 290 hours on 2G up to 250 hours on 3G. The phone offers video playback of upto 7 hours and audio playback of upto 20 hours.

High Termination Fee

Another issue that has left many customers fuming is double termination fee.

The termination fees levied by both Google and T-Mobile adds up to a whopping $550 for customers who cancel their contract.

Google charges a $350 for “equipment recovery fee” for cancellations done in the first 120 days. T-Mobile charges Nexus One customers $200 for canceling at any time in the first eighteen months of their 2-year contract.

The phone costs $179 ($240) with a two-year T-Mobile contract and $529 without it.

With so many problems surfacing in just a few weeks of its release, I wonder what testing this phone has been through. Certainly Google has not delivered what is expected from it. Glad it wasn’t launched in India otherwise I would also have been a sufferer.

Info Courtesy: Indiatimes Infotech

Last weekend, I bought brand new NIKE shoes for me. It was very disheartening to part away with my previous pair of REEBOK for two reasons:

  1. It was a gift from my beloved brother to me.
  2. It had some adventurous memory attached with it.

Well, elaborating on the 1st point, it was my first ever Branded shoe. Since my childhood, I had never demanded anything from my parents. Anything that came from them, I accepted heartily. That doesn’t mean that I was brought up under-nourished or under-privileged. My parents provided me and my brother with the best of the facilities that we needed. It’s just that my family was never updated on the fashionable front, owing to the simplicity of living in a small town. So I never ever quite noticed the difference between a low price/high price shoe, until my brother took me to the showroom and got me a pair. (It’s not just the shoes, my first mobile, my first digital diary, my first walkman and likewise many more firsts, I owe it all to my brother who was more than willing to get me those things.) So, the shoes were the best of their league, I wore them to every nook & corner I went to.

Second reason, is in itself a topic for another full length blog. But to cut it short, it accompanied me on every trekking tour I went to. Seasons passed, but it supported me unconditionally and my affection grew stronger & stronger for it. For long 5 years, it was there with me, when I finally realized that it’s getting older and could found traces of wear & tear on it. But I literally put it through ACID test and it excelled. And finally, a fortnight ago, when I went for trekking on Malavali Hills, it proved to be the last journey for my shoes. It couldn’t take the stress any longer and gave up. And I was left with no choice but to get myself a new pair of shoes. It is indeed an event to celebrate but I just couldn’t let my affection towards my REEBOK go away.

Change is inevitable but memories remain forever. I’ll move on but I’ll miss my shoe.