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Update: As I am no more in insurance domain, I do not possess any material as of now. But one of my reader Rahul volunteered and agreed to help others by giving them suggestions and materials. His Email-Id is So those who need the help regarding the LOMA exam may reach him at the address provided. Also do not forget to thank him for his help and time.

Today I did something great. I cleared my LOMA 280 certification with 88%. Big day for me because just last week I got my dates and due to work pressure and then a trip to Hyderabad in the weekend really hindered my preparation. But as they say “All’s well that ends well” so the results are just good enough for me considering the two day time frame I got for preparation.

Well for starters, this is a world wide benchmark especially in field of health and Insurance business.
LOMA is an international association which offers products and services developed specifically for the management and operational needs of the insurance and financial services industry.
LOMA Courses (certification exams) are mandatory as a step up for employees towards their professional designation. Some companies seek their employees to have this benchmark certification in order to enhance the confidence of the clients. Certified employees do have various benefits like- promotion, customer interaction opportunities.

More details about LOMA on

My day started with a bad dream of not able to appear for the test. Phewww…boy th0se dreams always haunt me…Exam was in the second half so I freshened up and started a quick revision of whatever I was able to study in past two days. Apparently it was not much to score…or so I thought…

I reached to my office some good 50 minutes before the punctual time of 2:30 P.M. that was assigned to me and registered my presence to everybody – my friends and colleagues. Then I went to my PMP manager to know the proceeds for the exam and he asked to sit for the exam right then and asked whether am all set and prepared.

I went blank for few seconds and excused myself and went to cafeteria to have a cup of tea and some snacks. Anxiety was killing me. Whatever I was thinking at that time was just not helping me.  I was not afraid of failing but the fact that I would be the one of the first few who have failed this exam. Second reason was monetary that my company will scoop out the exam fee out of my ass if I failed. As a good boy that I am I have never given my company any chance to scoop anything out of my ass but the big boss always keeps a check nevertheless and never misses the opportunity however feeble it is.

But by the grace of my ISHT-DEV I was saved again. So there goes another happy week…party time this weekend. Probably will go to Lalbaug, Mumbai to see the ongoing Ganeshotsav which I think is the most colorful and vibrant festival celebrated with awing fervor in Mumbai…More on this later…Right now am good and happy so let’s celebrate…