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I stumbled upon this article which was showcased at my friends FB profile and couldn’t help myself from posting this on my blog. I hope you will also enjoy this as much as I did.
Like the old Chinese saying goes, “Sometimes, a beaver is just a squirrel with big teeth.” Don’t ask me which Chinese person actually said that because there are a lot of them and i can’t be bothered to provide every single detail. The event that reminded me of this popular Chinese rodent-canine maxim was a seemingly innocuous outing to the movie theatre. I saw a flick that had advertised itself as a comedy thriller but turned out to be one that belongs to a niche genre that i often refer to as ‘equestrian excreta’.

On one Tuesday that felt a lot like a Thursday, i stumbled upon the answer to one of life’s biggest philosophical conundrums. No, not the ‘Is Bruce Lee still alive?’ question but the other one which is, ‘What’s going on with the movie world?’ And the answer to that is that every movie, despite its nationality and language, is actually the same. I’m well accustomed to three movie industries: Hollywood, Bollywood and Zollywood (that’s the collective name i’ve given for south Indian movies) and i’m going to try and explain here what the differences and similarities of these three ‘woods’ are.

When it comes to the Hollywood hero, he has impeccable looks; is self-made and well-to-do but not super-rich; finds the time to come up with hilarious one-liners even in the middle of dangerous crises; is often the only man in the world who can save the world. The Bollywood hero is fair-skinned; has a rich father who doesn’t hug him enough; craves true love and has no interest in the dozens of super-hot ladies throwing themselves at him; has no problem crying uncontrollably when delivering moving dialogues; is capable of fighting off at least 8-10 villains single-handedly. The Zollywood hero is above retirement age but still in his 30s; a misunderstood thug with a heart of gold; has a secret tragic family background (revealed only to the heroine) with one bed-ridden father, one paraplegic brother, two nubile sisters and one mother who cries at the drop of a coin; can jump over buildings; can punch police officers right in the mouth and get away with it; is capable of fighting at least 45-48 villains single-handedly.

As for heroines, the Hollywood variety is drop-dead gorgeous but still can’t find a guy or a job; has totally unattractive best friends; keeps picking fights with the hero throughout the movie but realises she loves him 10 minutes before the movie ends; has impromptu make-out sessions with the hero mostly after arguments. The Bollywood heroine is drop-dead gorgeous and as kind as Mother Teresa; has an abusive fiance who makes her realise how great the hero is; is extremely innocent but does at least one steamy song where she tries to seduce the hero but he keeps walking away. And the Zollywood heroine is portrayed by an actress barely out of school; doesn’t seem to mind that her grandfather is a few years younger to the hero; is rich and posh but falls for the thug; has a demonic power-hungry father; is extremely innocent but has at least three songs where she tries to explicitly seduce the hero but he keeps walking away.

The Hollywood villain is scorned by society, turned evil for a reason but has a brilliant mind and is just as good-looking as the hero while the Bollywood villain wears a tuxedo, has terribly bad aim when it comes to shooting and has the hots for the heroine. And the Zollywood type has a thick beard, is a rival thug or a high-profile politician and is often played by an unsuccessful Bollywood actor.

The Hollywood story? The girl and the world are in danger. The Bollywood story is that the girl is in danger, and as for Zollywood, the girl and south Indian commoners are in danger.

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Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vikram, Govinda, Ravi Kishen

Direction: Mani Ratnam

Music: A.R. Rahman

Raavan – The contemporary adaptation of India’s greatest epic is a failure. Why? Because the line between good and bad is too shady. At times, you will be on the side of Dev(Ram) and on the next frame change, your opinion for Raavan(Beera) will change for better reasons.

So let’s do the anatomy of this mega starrer multi lingual release from Mani Ratnam, one of the greatest director in Indian cinema.

To start with, the film took off from the abduction of  Raagini(Aishwarya), who is the better half of S.P. Dev Pratap Sharma(Vikram) by Beera(Abhishek) who is shown as a mysterious character who has his own reasons behind all this drama. From start till end, I couldn’t make out the who is the real Raavan as every one had a shady greyish character. It would be wrong to compare the character of  Beera with Raavan alone as others too shared the same box from time to time.

Abhishek Bacchan had a chance to revive his image but he bites more than he can chew. His performance was stale and boring. The depiction of several voices in his brain ranting at the same time is too overused. It irritates you to the core. His mood swings are not expressive and lacks the complexion of a mighty warrior as he is shown to be. Overall, this is the apple of sin for him, which he better had not took on the first place. The attitude of Yuva and the altitude of Guru, both were missing. He is better than what he played in this movie.

Aishwarya did nothing to gain my respect either. She is a total waste who is beautiful and delightful to watch and still hold her charishma but without the talent. She cries,scream, weeps and then again cries, scream and weeps, but I barely feel sorry for her, because she doesn’t look genuine. It seems she had a soft corner for Beera (lolz…ofcourse she has a soft corner for his husband) even before he unfold the reasons behind his deeds. But in the end, as always she looks stunning so all her sins are forgiven…lolz…

Vikram(I know him for his work in Aparichit) is a great actor with plenty of talent up his sleeves, but alas he fails to bring it all this time. His role as Dev Pratap is poorly sketched and unrefined. His threads are not stitched right it seems and are torn apart as the movie progresses. May be in the tamil version, where he plays the role of Beera he has done some justice.

Now the music of Rehman is the same as in all other movies. Listen to it, just listen. Don’t try to sing the song. The lyrics is not the USP, it’s the music. Nothing new in this department, let’s move on.

Mani sir, what is this? The person of your stature, shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t understand this usage of ropes in every stunts in every films these days. You are better than this sir. Showing the Hero running in slow motion is the least expected of you. Why such unnecessary gimmicks, overusage of rope stunts? Please upgrade yourself or stop using the old software. It’s not worth anywore.

Govinda and Ravikishen also needs a mention as they were also in the film as secondary characters. There role were as miniature as these two lines written about them. Nothing special to say, so let’s move to the good part now.

The scenery is picturesque and extremely beautifull. The cliff, the forest, the lake, the rain, the weather everything is just rightly placed where it meant to be. For a person like me, I for most of my times was more inquisitive about the background than the movie itself and the climax where Aishwarya was standing on a cliff and sees the heavenly sight of clouds and hills kissing each other like  the boundaries between the sky and earth seems to vanish  took my breath away.

The grand sets and exotic location is all that this film has to offer atleast for me. So in the end, as I close my eyes to recapture the core of the movie, I am unable to find one. This film is a lost one, nothing special about it. The epic still seems more contemporary than the adaptation itself. I will rather go watch the rerun of Ramayan rather than Raavan.

kites-movie Genre: Romance

Director: Anurag Basu

Producer: Rakesh Roshan

Banner: Film Kraft Production

Music Director: Rajesh Roshan

Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangna Ranaut, Kabir Bedi, Anand Tiwari, Luce Rains, Nicholas Brown, Cecilia Chavez

One Liner: Bakwaas

Ok, having said that let’s go through it in detail. It was the most hyped and most awaited movie in bollywood ever…The promotions done were convincingly international so what went wrong? Let’s peak in a bit more…

Story: No, it was not perfect…the plot was good, bad and the ugly. Jai (Hritik) and Natasha/Linda (Barbara Mori) were getting married to their respective partners for money. It turns out their partners are brother/sister and to put the icing on the cake, we get to know that Jai and Natasha are already married to each other. How? Natasha was an illegal immigrant who married Hrithik to get a green card who used to do this money. But when they met again, sparks of love is seen flying in the air…a slow and steady exchange of glances and another glance over another…then they find they are in love…and the story turns rough when they fled away. The rest is followed by chasing, hiding, a lil romance and spanish and english and hindi…and blah blah…Ooops sorry I got lost as I was while watching the movie. So one point down.


The highly anticipated chemistry, as was promoted during promotions, of Hrithik and barbara was very thanda…They were not that romantic or may be they were…might be off the screen lol…so one point down again…there steamy kiss was nowhere near the likes of what Hrithik gave in dhoom –2. Remember, Aish and Hrithik going commandos. The bikini clad Barbara and brief clad Hrithik scene was rather looking artificial to give the additional oomph factor but was again thanda…and to add to it was the “Give my Kiss back”…lolz…what was that? Pervert…your life in danger Jai…keep the sex part out of your mind…

For inevitable reasons of boredom, I’m not going in for details on music. Let’s just cut one point straight away…although Hrithik’s moves as perfect as perfect as they are stand out winning, it’s not helping you grab your seat till end.

kites-movie1Plus Point: Hrithik’s greek god look and the sensual looks of Barbara gives an international appeal to the film and so does the cinematography. The locations are exotic and acting is good. Everyone has done good as per the demand of the role.

But the crux remains the same that story was dull and dud and quite like a do away with. If only, they had worked more on the story it would have been a great experience and could have proved to be a milestone for bollywood going international.

P.S. – Ahh yes, Kangana Ranaut was also there, was she…yeah…I guess so…huh…what a waste of beauty and talent.

Saw “RANN” yesterday. Needless to say, the script is well-written and very aptly describes the role, media is playing currently. The obvious thing was irresponsibility on their part. There is nothing in the movie that is unpredictable.

Rann is a film that simply reiterates something you always knew. That, news is not always credible. That, the fine line between hard news and frothy entertainment is fast blurring. That, news is not brought to you by news hounds alone. There is a politician-businessman-news baron nexus at work that reduces the actual news reporter to a puppet on a chain. Not always, only sometimes. And `sensationalism’ isn’t only the new buzzword in the business of news; it’s fast becoming a synonym for it. Yes, you knew all that. And Rann doesn’t really want to tell a different story. It’s the way of narration that appeals. More importantly, it’s the performances that pump life and blood into the characters you recognize, lock, stock and barrel.

Anyhow this article is not about the movie but about the dark truth that is shown. This planning and plotting of news has set me thinking.

  • What if this is not just an exaggeration of the script?
  • What if media personnel are involved in high end politics?
  • Is media responsible enough in carrying out its duties?
  • Should there be a law to restrict the surging powers of media?

I remember a dialogue from movie Spiderman: “With great powers, comes great responsibility”. This phrase is not only applicable to super-humans but to every other person also who is able. What started as a revolution in journalism is now a powerful entity in itself and more importantly independent.  Now it is their responsibility to report the news and not the views. With the channels going on air 24X7, its hard to sustain with news only leave alone the matter and content. They have burdened themselves with competition of being No 1, which is not healthy anymore. Their vision is blurred with power and money. The credibility of sting operations they do is doubtful. Their ways of reporting everything quickly sometimes go bizarre. No proof is sought after; the news in crude form is presented to the viewers. Both the fact and fiction is aired and it becomes hard for us to differentiate most of the times.

Many a times I see them airing the videos that are downloaded from or like and making it a matter of discussion. What a shame? Is this the level of journalism in India? What’s been shown in Rann is very much likely to happen in reality or who knows if it’s already happening. I have always criticized the way media is behaving and misusing its powers.

I have my friends in media circle (I prefer not to take names) to whom I always give the feedback but they say it is not possible to rollback now. It’s a one-on-one competition now. It they sit back others will takeover. So in short, they are also playing dumb-ass and are o-k with it. What can anyone do if they do not want to be responsible towards journalism, towards India, towards self? One interesting fact is that there show is watched by the society also. People like to know the gossips, their future. My own mother refers and follows the astrologists who come on different news channels and predict the future and even tell your future if demanded. Hotline, SMS, email; all sort of technological advancement is applied to make sure the availability and awareness of shows to masses.

Is this what India needs? Spreading superstition saying people want it is no way of getting away from wrong.

  • What should be done to wake them up from this siesta?
  • Is there any law which governs the flow of news and its authenticity?
  • How can we make them feel responsible for their action?

These are a few questions that need to be answered and a proper solution be implemented before its too late to handle.

Note: The photographs have been modified. If they are registered or voilating some copyright, I would request the concerned authority to please contact me.

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