The March Diary – Political India

Posted: March 31, 2011 in Anatomy, Freedom, India, Politics
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The India I see today is all set for a blooming start to a journey which will eventually end up in Nadir. The India has a vision 2020 which is a dream full of bustling energy, entrepreneurship and innovation. The so called potential of 1.35 billion is nothing more than a crowd which has no face and even worse it is gullible. More than half of the potential live in poverty who has no reach to basic amenities. Food, clothes and shelter – it is not in reach for most of them. How do one expect them to perform when they can’t even manage to make their both end meet. People are dying because of hunger and poverty, because of the shame that they cannot feed their family, because of the regret that the government who lured them into giving votes is not fulfilling the promises made to them, because of the pressure to perform to be a part of growing India.

A disclaimer from me – it’s been 9 years when I first became eligible to vote but I have not yet chosen to vote. I don’t think that an individual politician can do anything however fair he may be by his actions. On date, I consider none of the political party to be the capable of governing India. They are all corrupt from cores and superficially too. Their pneuma is rotten and there is not a scintilla of remorse in their eyes for the actions they do. The present government is no exception. Day after day, we hear about bigger scams. The leader is the most inept of all I have ever seen. And his statements just confirms how irresponsible a person he is. But since I don’t vote I better not talk about the government. I’ll just go with the faith that their Karma will eventually fill their pot of sin and they will be punished. (Lolzzz…this statement even sounds amusing in my head…nevertheless hope is the only thing I’ve got)

Even though the event seems to be far and highly unlikely, I’ll finish my diary today with the hope that vision 2020 just don’t remain a dream but becomes a reality.


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