3:00 AM, 11 Jun 2010.

insomnia Well great. It’s 3:00 in the morning and here I am scribbling and ranting about my insomniac stage that too live and uncut version. For the lack of siesta and sleep the yester day & night, I slept in the evening after coming back from office. Now at the odd hour of 2:00 I just woke up with my stomach gluttonous craving and finds nothing but some milk so I had a pre-session breakfast of tea and rusk just now and the after effects as you can see is am awake fully, in all my senses. The good thing is it’s raining cats and dogs outside, which by the way compels me to mention two points:

1. When it’s raining water drops, why we say it’s raining cats and dogs. (Ofcourse, I have heard of the story of falling cats from roof, when it rains. But that doesn’t makes sense.) If someone knows, please do tell me about it.

2. Ofcourse, its raining outside and not inside. (Preassumtion: I don’t live in a house with leaking roof  or the great epidemic of mumbai slums. Don’t get me wrong here when I gave a analogy. It’s just that I have seen it and it does feel like a epidemic.)

So will it not be suffice to say that it’s raining…it’s raining heavily…no cats and dogs…as they are hiding under a shelter. give them a break for their life. ahh…what a rant…


3:15 AM, 11 Jun 2010.

Am hungry and pissed off by the fact that its friday today, so I’ve to go to the office and am fretting by the fact that I will need a siesta again, lack of which causes my small already dying brain to function even less than it does normally. So it’s not going to be an effective day today, I know that and it worries me.

One of the other things that’s helping me in making my life burnt in core of the hell is the impotent HR department and the ever feasting gourmand monkeys sitting on top of me and giving me a hell of a time. Ahhhhh…I remember Boman Irani in Munna bhai MBBS during my hard times…laugh…laugh…and laugh more in times of distress, in direct proportion to your worries and anger. It will cure you, curb you. Well, unfortunately at this point of time i can’t do it right. So there’s a better way…write…write…and write more in times of distress, in direct proportion to your worries and anger. It will help you vent out your anger and anguish and you’ll be a happier person ever after…there after (stupid fellow…ever after is in stories only, no ever after exist in real world. Take the red pill otherwise and go back to matrix, big jaw.) Ahhh…another rant and am already feeling sleepy…and a sudden yawn shows me the good sign of my changing state. It works…see I told you…writing works…and there goes a second yawn…too frequent…something’s wrong with this yawning. I think this is not because I’m feeling sleepy. It is because I’m feeling bored.

insomnia cartoon chruch.com

3:30 AM, 11 Jun 2010.

Sitting at the window side, watching the rain feels refreshing though, but silent loneliness creeps in and making me sad. I need a vacation…mom, dad am coming home. It’s been a while I haven’t seen you, embrace you, cuddled you.

Ok…Let’s try something different. Thinking of something good…that kindles a spark in me or something that tickles me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (pause) hmmmmmm…gosh…pathetic it is more that it seems…think..think…you dic*****d…hmmmmmm…ahh there it is…two new smartphones have registered there entry recently and they both are good, I must say. Dell Streak and Apple’s iPhone 4, are something that will change the way we think about phones. They are a revolution and they are reloaded. I must but one of them…I will…yes…Ofcourse…this time it’s a definite yes…after a long wait of over a year, there’s something that meets my unnecessary requirements.

Good…it worked…although I’m not yawning…neither am feeling sleepy but am certainly feeling good…now I’m able to look at the rain in a different light. I can see the light…I feel light…am happy…and calm… and poised.

3:40 AM, 11 Jun 2010.

My laptop’s battery is showing me a decline of 45%, that means it’s time for me to stop as after 40 minutes of rambling and ranting am a bit tired now, and being a lazy person that I am, just by the thought of being tired am finally feeling sleepy. This time it’s a genuine feeling…no yawning no boredom…only falling asleep…so as others fall in love…it’s time for me to re-fall in sleep.


Bye Bye…to all who managed to read through this and survived to come to this point where you are thinking what it was all about. Well nothing…it was just a rant as I declared earlier…I did declare it…huh…lemme check once…ahh hhhh yes I wrote at the starting…and btw what else would you expect from an insomnia tale…it’s not Arabian Nights tale dude…

Yaaawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn………am going to sleep…you for the time look out for my other post that are less futile that this and they might add some more to your grey matter…Happy reading…

4:00 AM, 11 JUN 2010

After editing the pics and final posting.

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  2. Munish Gupta says:

    you and I think a lot same. I was too curious about the cats and dogs thing and wrote a post about it as well (http://memunish.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/its-raining-cats-and-dogs-and-frogs-and-old-women/) and I think you have read it as well.
    Also, I too believe that if you are frustrated and cannot laugh, write in direct proportion of your worries and it worked well for me. It not just reduced my frustration but also added good content to my blog.

    • anu-mantra says:

      ah well yes, I’ve read this article of yours. You did quite a research on the topic. The translations to different languages were damn funny btw. lolz…

      and about the worries and writing part, actually yes, I did felt better. I was writing anything out here, I didn’t pressed the backspace even once. And to my surprise, I came up with a pretty decent one.
      Although the makeover of pictures was a tough job thereafter…lolz…
      thanx for visiting…

  3. Slamdunk says:

    I hope you get some quality rest later to help you recover from this experience.

    • anu-mantra says:

      Friday night is for boozing and schmoozing, so I’ll leave the rest part for saturday noon…lolz…

      Thanx for your visit and the kind concern…keep coming back…

  4. jojopant says:

    Naah… am unable to convince myself that you really did mean this in your comment on my blog.
    This is rambling, yes. And does not make as much sense as your other posts (sorry i can’t lie)……
    but the way you portrayed it, it was unfair to your own post. This is a decent post and none would have any issues with it. Honestly.

  5. anu-mantra says:

    No need to lie…I like critics and it helps me groom better.

  6. Dypeexoto says:

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