Wait is over – Season of rain is here

Posted: May 23, 2010 in India, Uncategorized
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A typical day just the same and usual as all other days.

But….there is something different…yes I can feel it…Today I can feel a change in the weather. The clouds have cluttered the sky and the sun has been found playing hide and seek with Mumbaikars.

Lagta hai baarish hone waali hai”…. And as I write this, I’m waiting for the season to start…

To float my chappal in the water and kick it hard making a splash to rise in unison and then seeing it tear apart and fall and get mixed in the same pool…

To sit at the window edge holding a bear mug filled with hot and steamy coffee (I’ve quit drinking but my love for the dear mug remains) and big scoop of vanilla floating at the top slowly and gradually melting under the heat, taking it in sip by sip and see those little droplets bombarded on every area in sight…

To drive aimlessly, while the rain soaks my body and feel the rhythm of nature getting mixed with mine… To call my mom and tell her how miserably I’m missing her. (Well, I can do that anytime, but the feel of a rainy day makes it more touching…believe me)

To stop in between while driving, searching for a tapdi, to light a cigarette. Sorry, this time not on my list…am trying to quit…help ..oh god…help…

To just sit at a bench…alone, drenched …embracing my loneliness and my thoughts…

To …………”Lagta hai baarish aaj nahi hogi, satyanaash

What to do now…???… Damn it…I needed that soaked mind, body & soul feeling.

Ahhh…I think I’ll just go and have a drink or two…( Sorry…what…did I wrote it above…ohh sorry…though I don’t drink….once in a while it’s Ok…you see…I don’t want my friends to call me saint or hermit…Am good with my satanic reputation…) and soak my self into alcohol…after all…H2O and -OH …all is the chemistry of Hydrogen and Oxygen…

A lil difference of bonding here and there…I don’t mindat all…yeah…let’s hit it…

Spread lots of love all over…Remember your friends and family…talk to them…

Have a reunion…Have a party…celebrate life as it is…it is beautiful.

  1. jojopant says:

    Wow! I thought I hadn’t missed any post on your blog but it seems I had, or at least I don’t remember reading this.
    Beautiful. And how very natural.
    The weather is near rainy right now, and if I weren’t in office, I would have loved to soak in the rain and smell the sweet smell of geeli mitti..

    • anu-mantra says:

      Thanks Jhanvi,

      It feels good to know that people connect to my feelings and words. This article was written almost year ago but it still has the fragrance deep in the heart. And the day you chose to read this article is perfect. 🙂
      My memories came alive.

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