Cast: Robert Downey, Don Cheadle, Mickey Rourke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson.

Plot: Ahhhh….It’s like…ahhemmm…actually..ahhh…it was…Sorry…what was it…yea..the plot….Was there any?…Ahh yes that simple…A weak dying hero…fighting for good…trying to manage his personal and professional and in this case the superhero life and a evil personal…up from nowhere who wants to take revenge…with the hero…That’s it…just it…the core was this much only…rest is all romanized around this…

My Take: So lemme straight come to the point. Film was not good for me, as I was there to see Iron Man and not Tony Stark…I expected a lot of action…both ON & OFF the hook…but disappointing it was as it for many that they tried to bring everything in order so that we don’t question anything…but too much of explaination made the movie slow…the very idea of the hero dying made him to react slow and egoistically…which eventually made the pace of movie slow…

Movie was great in terms of effects and acting…everybody has done his/her part perfectly (although except Downey there was nothing much for others to do…it was his movie…).

My two darlings got wasted. Their talent was underutilized. I would have loved to see more butt-kicking actions with Scarlett but she had less to do here…But you still have the same loving spot in my heart Scarlett darling. Gwyneth was good but still she was not an important character in the movie, so they were like just doing the scenes for the sake of her being in the movie…

Now let’s come to the main part….the action…in all there were 3 moments…but so short lived that they went away with a blink of an eye…ok maybe two blinks…but they were short right…

I expected a giant magnanimous show of Iron Man going for some long over the edge action scenes but there was none…much to my disappointment…I never felt that thing where I would grab my handrest and wait for the next roll to happen…no it was not there.

But…I would still recommend you to watch the movie atleast once…because in this hot summer…some odd 200 bucks are worth for your 2 hours AC seater entertainment. Among all the releases we have it’s still the BEST…If you are standing in the queue anyhow…or going for a movie anyway…go for Iron Man 2…because as I said they explained a lot and they showed less action, that means you get to see some more insights into Tony’s life and his own self. And if you like this Marvel creation, then you would like to see his life in Non – Iron Man mode too…

  1. suhail says:

    I couldnt agree more …I have not watched the part 1 …just in order to see part 2 I watched 1st and really liked it …so my expectations were really high and expected to see real IRON MAN action 🙂 all of that was missing … but expect coming part will be more of action …


  2. Thank you in regard to another monstrous article. Where else could anyone net that kind of advice in such a best advance of writing? I be undergoing a display next week, and I am on the look after such information.

  3. Munish Gupta says:

    yup.. way too disappointing for me. No action. Both the girls way too underutilized. The story was way too haywire and what a way to end the bad guy, just like that.

  4. anu-mantra says:

    You catch it right sir, the end of the villain. The multiplying villainies of nature which was shown so strong and mysterious during the whole period is all but waste when we see him die just like that…As I mentioned in my article, I would have loved to see hardcore action sequences but alas…

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