A letter to Sania Mirza

Posted: April 22, 2010 in India, Society
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Sania Mirza.

Amidst a lot of battering and brouhaha, you finally married Shoaib Malik…..

Yes I know it happened a few days ago and it’s an old story now. But my point is not highlighting the issue but to highlight the mentality we have about each other.

The issue was not the marriage only. First it was about India vs. Pakistan, then it was about Indian Muslim vs. Pakistani Muslim, then it was the conspiracy of polygamy and then the nationality and the representation of sports and now when you are married it’s about hurting the sentiments of Muslim community.

What I feel is if you would have been a little cautious over this matter the media wouldn’t have been able to poke its nose in your affair. But in the rage of getting publicity you got in to trouble.

One thing I learned from the event is India and Pakistan can never ever become friends or for that matter become one. I hereby clarify my statement that this is not said with feeling of hatred but just a simple practical thought. At our ends we may be good but its not necessary that we should become friends. I hate allegations so I say instead of accusing each other why can’t we just stop making any moves.  No love, no hatred. Just stay out of each other’s way…Can we achieve this? …….     At least…….

On the Muslim community issue, I would say no comments because I personally am against the very concept of religion be it of any kind. I don’t know the intentions, but in its current form of practice and preaching, it serves nobody any good.

On whether you should represent India in tennis, I’m the least bothered person. Believe me, last time I remember your rank was 89th I guess. After your initial start, you lost it all to fame and money. Now your performance is just like hiccups. But I would still prefer if you don’t play for India now.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but this is a personal feeling and am quite sure a lot are there in the country like me. As much as I respect your personal decisions, I also hate this sort of publicity stunts. So I would say that Pakistan is not dear to me. I don’t know how people are there and I don’t wanna know. If you want to join them, please do it. No issues. But don’t try to reap the fruits from both soils. Have some respect and save yourselves from the reach of these media bullshits and live a happy life.

An Indian…

who is certainly not your fan.

P.S. : On a lighter note I found that in Pakistan you have gained a lot a popularity and they welcome you with and open and warm heart. Please have a look….






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