In my yester post, I just opposed the women quota bill and the very same day the bill was passed in Rajya Sabha to amend constitution to reserve 1/3rd of seats in parliament and assemblies for women. Only one Sharad Joshi of the Swatanatra Bharat Paksh was the lone naysayer and rest 191 said yes.

Does that mean, that my views are not in the interest of the society? If the answer is no then it proves that these khadi clad politicians are just a bunch of spineless and brainless creatures who are not suited well enough to run this country.

Today only I was reading a petition against the bill written by Ms. Madhu Kishwar.

It seems that the women also don’t feel the need for this bill. But who will tell this to our dear netas. Anyway, this bill, formally known as the 108th constitutional amendment, must now be passed by the Lok Sabha and ratified by at least half the States before it comes into effect. So I can only hope that some divine light intervene and give them the key to open the locks to their grey matter.

Anyway, if this bill is passed, I will be closely looking on the following issues which in my opinion are of great concern and can dilute the effectiveness of the bill.

  1. Proxy Politics: When Laluji was under scrutiny in many scams, he made her wife stand in lieu of him. The same thing can happen again. The male M.P.’s can let a woman from their side stand for him, while in the back enjoying the full power and status. How will this be called as empowering of women society? They may be forced to stand in election against their will, just to support a male dominance.
  2. Random Seat Allocation by Lottery: This is a very fine point to watch out that how congress carries out on this. Whether the random process is monitored or it is tempered.
  3. Misuse by Women: Lately, the role of women in public has been changed drastically. Once, having the image of love, motherhood, care normally figured as homely but now the women have come out of the shell and their talent is no less than any men of their stature. But in politics, I don’t hold the opposite gender in same regards. For me, most of them have shown a bitter and darker face even worse than a male gender. Either they are inactive and only a VIP by status and not action or they are overly negative and have short vision. (Here, I may be wrong in my thinking but this is what I feel for them or rather the whole political category alike.)

It will be interesting to see how the women empowerment is carried out through this bill.

In the end, I will say again (actually I wanna shout at the top of my voice, to yell,) one thing only – “STOP RESERVATIONS”. But I know it’s not gonna happen in any time soon, so I can only seethe, scribble my anger on my blog and cross my heart hoping for a better India just like all other “stupid common man

Update: Recently I got an update about this bill wherein I came to know that this is a long awaited motion waiting to be triggered since 1996.

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    the funny thing is instead of focusing on main issues that bother the people of India, out politicians are worried abt who shud get into the parliament. I nvr understand how that qualifies as running the matters of the country.

  2. anu-mantra says:

    While researching for a for a shock absorbent matter, scientists should also consider looking into Indian Body. I don’t know what lies in us that we still move on.

  3. Bharat says:

    You have penned down the apprehensions of a lot of “educated” Indians on this Women’s reservation bill…(When I say “educated”, i don’t mean ppl who have been lucky enough to have had formal education)…

    But I disagree with a point of yours . I don’t think that the generalization of “women politicians” as inefficient, is an opinion a lot of rational Indians would agree to.

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