I was really not interested in the bill relating to women’s quota that congress is trying to pass in Rajya Sabha until yesterday, when some dickheads created a ruckus in the parliament. Before that, I was ignorant about the details of the bill. Because each time congress comes into power, it introduces one or other quota category into the system. Be it SC, ST, OBC, Muslims or now women. The quota policy is an Owen on which they bake their chapatis.

As a word of caution, I would like to mention beforehand that this article is in no way about the reservation category. I simply am stating a point here which I feel is subservient in attracting vote banks only. Affirmative action has done no good to society in India and we have seen it for enough number of years.

Reservation in itself is a very sensitive topic for debate, so I would concentrate here on the details and my views about the current event only. Passing a bill on women reservation for 1/3rd of the seats is just a way to embrace the women society for votes.

I am surprised with the stand everyone has taken. Passing the bill is not a great empowerment you do to women’s cause but you are damaging the basic crux of the word democracy. If I find something wrong in my constituency, I cannot get into the politics and do something to the society because I am prevented to stand from there due to my gender. What kind of equal right is that? Women who are fighting for it should sit back and consider the world around them; their acceptance in the society has improved for last 20 years. It is due to their own self will and competences are they at a position where they are and not due to pittance from society. No one gains anything from pittance!
Those opposing the bills may not have the best of the intentions, but they are unknowingly and unintentionally (sarcasm intended) favoring a good cause.

And finally please stop this stereotyped argument that any one who is against the bill is a male chauvinist. It’s not about men and women, but about reservations a.k.a. “Affirmative Action”. These actions kill the secular meaning of Indian constitution. On and on, I would stress and keep stressing that ability should be the criteria for admission to anything.  There should be only one reservation based on economic condition and none other.

Instead of taking corrective measures, we all are giving in to the unscrupulous practice of reservations and more are added to it day by day. It’s a shame that we ourselves practice it based on caste and creed and then cry in front of the world for racism behavior against us. It’s high time for us to realize that what started in the purest of the intentions for the upliftment and equality of the society is now screwed up humongously. We need to address the issue properly and start taking the corrective measures instead of letting the monster feed on our incapability and false sense of brotherhood.

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    awesome point made… luved it… never in favor of any reservation

  2. Consty says:

    well written. but i believe that reservations is still a gud (may be not a great) tool to improve the plight of people who have not been generally suffering, but coz of the nature of Indian society. We as society let these people down and so its out duty to help them come up too.. I agree reservation is not the best way, but what else is an effective way out?

  3. anu-mantra says:

    hey consty, I don’t agree with you on this…Upliftment of society should not be based on caste now. Its too out dated, India has moved ahead, believe me it has. And if it had not, it should. Reservations should be based on one’s economic condition. About the plight…working hard for betterment of self is a solution….unless communal harmony is practiced by heart, reservations can’t serve the purpose of upliftment of society alone…

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