The superfluous J.K. Super Cement Ad

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Amazing, frustation, India
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Complaint to ASCI regarding an Advertisement

Ok that’s it. Now I can’t keep it in and hence I’m scribbling it down so as to vent out my anger. I don’t know why this particular advertisement gets on my nerve, each time I see it.

It is a commercial by J.K. Super Cement, wherein a lady in bikini suit is coming out of the sea and a background voice says – “Vishwaas hai, Isme kuch khass hai”. We believe, that there is something special in this. Now what the hell is there in that lady posing in a semi nude posture and that too for a cement company?

So where does it fit in?

The answer is, in our mind. Yes, this ad holds an impression in our heads. However vague it may be, but now we have this name J.K. Super Cement with us. I talked to a lot of my friends and they all equally agreed that they have seen the advertisement and couldn’t connect it with the product. Some felt offended over the demeaning portrayal of women in every commercial, whether or not required, some just casual to see another sexy lady ad and some didn’t mind about it. But the common thing among us was that we all knew the name J.K now and agreed that in a day or two, at a place or other, someone or other do discuss about the advertisement and the name J.K. super cement is on everybody’s lips.

So basically if you leave aside the content of the advertisement, the very purpose of the advertisement is well accomplished. It has successfully established the brand name.

Whatever the results are, I particularly didn’t like their promotion practice and I thought to complain about it. So I went to ASCI website – The Advertising Standard Council of India. But the procedure here was a bit hectic for a working person like me. For e.g. if I register a complaint against any advertisement online, I need to post them a hard copy too. But the biggest hurdle is a clause that says:

Please enclose clipping/clear copy of print advertisement/electronic media advertisement / any other promotion complained against.

Please send (by post) your complete complaint (signed by you preferably) with full particulars as above, enclosing any other papers in support of your complaint, with a copy of advertisement………..

While complaining against a printed advertisement, I can mange to send them a copy, but how the hell they expect me to send them the clipping of an advertisement being aired on TV. Do they need me to record it or download it from somewhere. I mean “Come On Dudes”, when I am complaining against an advertisement, you can always watch it on channels or can directly ask the company to give you a copy, so that you can decide for yourself. Asking the complainant to provide you a clipping is unjustifiable.

Anyway, the schematic process is given below in a flow chart.

* Please click on the image to enlarge

Advertising Standards Council of India is a self regulatory voluntary organization of the advertising industry.

For more information, you can always log onto:

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    lol..i agree, the ad does have recall value. But other than that, it doesn’t say anything about the product..which is sad..
    As for processes in India, you’ll always run of words to talk about them.

  2. anu-mantra says:

    Exactly. That’s my point. System always create a close loop mesh which helps the culprit get away.

  3. Bharat says:

    When I first saw this AD, I was like “how Lame of them”, “no creativity at all”…..But when I later thought and discussed more about it, I realized that it has actually achieved what it had aimed for…..And that really is the most annoying part of it…..They have dished out an absolute crap and still managed to get what they wanted, our attention…..

  4. anu-mantra says:

    Yes, you are right bharat, it is actually annoying.
    But that absolute crap has an ingredient which we Indians still have to get over it. I don’t feel proud but it is our weakness at some level or other.

  5. priyank says:

    it was seriously annoying specially between the Sachin’s marathon innings. neways i wrote a piece too on the same.

  6. Anu-mantra says:

    Hehe, i read ur blog. U’ve some unique n original style of writing. Would like 2 see more like it comin.

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