Boob Implantation or Bomb Implantation

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Amazing, Global, Human
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Something new is doing the rounds in the British intelligence agencies. They have reportedly monitored terrorist communications bragging that women suicide bombers have already undergone surgery to hide explosive bombs in their breast implants.

So guys, now when you drool over some hot girl looks and assets, beware she might be more hazardous to you than ever.

Let’s go through a little bit of detail.

You could certainly put a liquid of any kind in a saline device, and a gel implant theoretically could be opened and replaced with a different type of gel” said Maryland plastic surgeon Dr. Craig Person. It might also be difficult to detect.

Terrorism experts agree.

The federal government has not put into place any system for detecting explosives at passengers’ screening checkpoints” said Larry Johnson, the Managing Director of Berg Associates.

The flip side is more encouraging.

What we’ve seen is, at least, the al Qaeda explosives competence, while they are visionary with their devices, they’re not terribly competent with actually being able to get something to detonate” Johnson said.

I felt quite terrified when I read this. Now I’ll be more vigilant while interacting with girls. Who knows what lies beneath the veneer?

(Sorry Girls, No offense to the other side. Just Kidding.)

While this article is written on a lighter note, the underlying impression is very much serious and the intelligence agencies should get geared up before the outbreak (if happens)

  1. Munish Gupta says:

    seriously… who comes up with these ideas???

  2. admin says:

    excellent site I will add this website to my youtube . too

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