Is barbarism synonymous to Pakistan

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Anatomy, Freedom, India
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Another episode of pakistan ruthlessness happened and we are here filled with all the rage and anger, protesting and yelling against them, against the handcuffed officials, against the eunuch government but the million dollar question is

Is diplomacy the right solution?

I have everything in me against Pakistan as a nation (not necessarily against the citizens). I have grown up seeing this friendship calls between the two countries but it never happened in a true sense. Recently the We have some values and if our government is making effort to preserve this secular and peace loving status, we should support them. What if it takes some lives. India is a land of martyrs and one addition will not make other martyr’s space being eaten up. Who would mind? huh…the common man. Let them mind. What else can they do? I am so enraged about this because incidentally I was in Delhi near Sansad Bhavan when this protest against the Pakistan was going on. A little traffic jam was all that it was worth for. Police holding them up in a little space and our brothers were yelling just like chickens in the farm who saw one chicken being slaughtered and the rest is left to one’s own imagination to understand. For how long we’ll do bilateral talks and peace efforts? Is it even worth a penny? They keep on infiltrating and stabbing and doing all the stuffs that we don’t expect them to do. What is wrong with us? I’m trying hard not to mention the name of kasab, but it pains me to know that he is still alive.

I feel we should freeze the efforts being done on our part. Don’t show them this open arm and loving heart thing. I’m not asking the government to turn hostile towards them. But its time to turn stiff towards them. And when I say stiff, i mean it. Just for once retaliate. Do hell with this goody-goody image. Lash them hard and good. Turn a little barbaric and teach them a lesson for good. It’s not that we will do it for the first time. We had some great indian extremist against the british raj (Extremist only because it was british raj) but now we’ll have to do it for a free country, our country.

(Though this event is not directly related to us, but the implications are synonymous to ours. So I felt I should address this issue with only one motive – Do we really need to be friends with Pakistan? Maybe the people are good there too, maybe they too want peace, may be the government also is sincere {LOL}… but it’s just not happening. Why to hang on it? Just leave it. No need to be friends.)

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