Bidding Farewell to my old shoes…

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Life, Life Cycle, Uncategorized
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Last weekend, I bought brand new NIKE shoes for me. It was very disheartening to part away with my previous pair of REEBOK for two reasons:

  1. It was a gift from my beloved brother to me.
  2. It had some adventurous memory attached with it.

Well, elaborating on the 1st point, it was my first ever Branded shoe. Since my childhood, I had never demanded anything from my parents. Anything that came from them, I accepted heartily. That doesn’t mean that I was brought up under-nourished or under-privileged. My parents provided me and my brother with the best of the facilities that we needed. It’s just that my family was never updated on the fashionable front, owing to the simplicity of living in a small town. So I never ever quite noticed the difference between a low price/high price shoe, until my brother took me to the showroom and got me a pair. (It’s not just the shoes, my first mobile, my first digital diary, my first walkman and likewise many more firsts, I owe it all to my brother who was more than willing to get me those things.) So, the shoes were the best of their league, I wore them to every nook & corner I went to.

Second reason, is in itself a topic for another full length blog. But to cut it short, it accompanied me on every trekking tour I went to. Seasons passed, but it supported me unconditionally and my affection grew stronger & stronger for it. For long 5 years, it was there with me, when I finally realized that it’s getting older and could found traces of wear & tear on it. But I literally put it through ACID test and it excelled. And finally, a fortnight ago, when I went for trekking on Malavali Hills, it proved to be the last journey for my shoes. It couldn’t take the stress any longer and gave up. And I was left with no choice but to get myself a new pair of shoes. It is indeed an event to celebrate but I just couldn’t let my affection towards my REEBOK go away.

Change is inevitable but memories remain forever. I’ll move on but I’ll miss my shoe.

  1. Sanstuti says:

    Omg…i am so touched…u beautifully portrayed many feelings in just one article…good one!!

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