Happy Days are here again

Posted: January 15, 2010 in India, Life, Society
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So, the first good news of 2010 marking it as HAPPY NEW YEAR literally for me is that my brother has bought a house in Gurgaon. He finalised the deal yesterday and will be moving in by 1oth of next month – the day he got maried 3 years ago. It calls for a double celebration.

My mom told me this news on phone and she sounded quite happy. I ached for her love at the very moment and wished if only I could go to Delhi to meet her. Its been a year when I last met my parents. Also my mom and my sister-in-law are conspiring against me to get me into talks about my marraige. A reason substantial enough to keep me away from home apart from my work.

Well anyways, the “griha-pravesh” as we call it, is a very important ritual that we follow before moving in to a new house and certainly it will be big event for a get-together of my family and relatives. Unfortunately, I may not be there because of the sheer work load hanging on my shoulders. But such auspicious occasions are rare and I hate it when am not able to make myself available for such occasions.

I wish my brother a happy life ahead. May the light be with him.


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