I checked my mail today and got this super duper Ad for all the technical guys who are frustrated, dim, seething over their future in the industry.

Certainly, it was funny and was a mockery of ads which you can found displayed on local trains wherein some baba aur tantrik claiming to solve plethora of problems one is facing. They even define the timeline of 11-12 hours for guaranteed results.

Jokes apart, its implications are very serious if one considers the result they bore. I only wonder what makes people fall prey to such tantrums. In the present world, full of technology and information how can these frauds be accepted and given credibility.

If a person, who is illiterate and superstitious, goes to such places for solutions, I can for once accept the justification of his deed due to his ignorance. But what about educated class strata? How can you improve your conditions by wearing some spell-casted stone ring. I frequently hear news doing the rounds about how people comes under the influence of these bloody anti-social hypocrite TANTRIKs and BABAs and does crimes like guillotining young children, molesting and raping their own children and a number of other such disgusting  and ignominious tasks to gain power and fame.

In India only, several cases have been reported. I can remember one case where a person used to decapitate young children and drink their blood. Other case happened in Mumbai only, where a father was raping his daughter and the wife had always known this and was on the side his husband. And the common string that connected these two crimes was the influence of TANTRIKs. What they wanted to achieve with this horrendous act is beyond my ability to comprehend but it doesn’t need rocket science to understand that killing is not a solution to your problems and no sane person will indulge in such demeaning task.

I am pointing towards the mutation of human psyche, the rotting of pneuma to such an extent that provokes human towards cannibalism without scintilla of remorse. The topic in discussion is just a single facet of such mutation. I’m not divulging into other such heinous aspect as that will unnecessary diverge me from my point.

Can I say that even after years of civilization, our DNA still has the nomadic cannibalism dovetailed to it? Is it that our social rules have polished us only superficially? Inside our body, still rest those ogre instincts that come out due to the seemingly inescapable moral or emotional burden, that of guilt or responsibility.

It took centuries for us to evolve in our present form which to my dismay I find no less rustic than our ancestors. I hope if only such estrange souls can ever find the true divine light and be enlightened.

I hope………

  1. Naresh says:

    Baba ji aap itni gauranti lete ho kya exam ka question paper phle bta sakte ho. agar aapke pass kuchh h to aap jrur bta sakte ho. it is my problem solve it.

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