Use Mobile, Save Paper. – What an Idea, Sirji!

Posted: January 8, 2010 in Amazing, Freedom, Global, Human, India, Life, Species
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A very simple statement or rather a solution too to one of the most challenging problems we are facing today. Idea launches its new ad campaign where an agonized tree appeals to humans to ‘Use Mobile, Save paper.’

Developed by IDEA’s creative agency, Lowe,   the new campaign from IDEA abides by the essential brand promise of providing a simple, fresh and imaginative solution to a complex problem of the society. The new ad is sixth in the series of IDEA’s campaigns with the popular tag line – What an Idea, Sirji!

The preceding campaigns – ‘Championing a world without caste‘; ‘Championing a world in which no one suffers from the disability to communicate’; ‘Education for All‘, ‘Participative Governance’, and the last ‘Walk When You Talk’ – addressed subjects such as Caste War, Disability to Communicate, Education, Democracy and Health, respectively. Now, ‘Environment’ is IDEA’s next big Idea!   

As its prior campaigns which were also a hit among the masses, this new ad campaign attracts me the most. The appeal is very simple to follow in our real life and can really mark a difference if followed religiously and meticulously. While our leaders are all busy with the discussion over the issues of global warming and the likes, let’s just do our bit of justice to our own planet. World over, millions of tonnes of trees get cut everyday to produce paper, leading to alarming rates of deforestation. The new IDEA commercial showcases how the mobile phone can be used as an efficient tool to read daily newspapers, generate e-bills, make payments and transactions, issue e-tickets and boarding passes; thereby saving tonnes of paper everyday. A few scenarios that are shown in the ad are just the tip of the iceberg. I’m pretty much confident that we can find a lot more to gradually shift our dependency from paper to mobile. With the ever growing rate of mobile subscribers and the advent of new technologies in the field of mobile communication, we can switch to the services in a broaden way.

Speaking about the campaign, Mr. Pradeep Shrivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, IDEA Cellular said, “Environment’ as a subject touches all, but gets attention only at strategic forums. The common man gets to contribute little towards the cause, due to lack of direction and ideas. Hence, IDEA Cellular has taken up the responsibility of educating the 500 million mobile phone users in the country. If they start using the mobile phone more judiciously, together we can make a significant contribution of saving paper, and therefore, the green cover necessary for the health of the planet.”

I too appeal to all – Save Paper. Whether or not use a mobile phone is your choice. 😀

  1. kunalsingla says:

    I really appreciate that you raised this point.With the new campaign Idea is really trying to make point in ad world that how ad-world can be used for society.
    Its an example to all those add makers who uses swim suit girls to increase their TRP.
    I am attaching You-tube link for the commerical.
    Great article…keep writing….

  2. Munish Gupta says:

    always loved ads and specially if they send out a message along. Trees should always be saved and paper use be avoided as much as possible. I tend to read all my books as ebooks rather than paper books.

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