Fairness of Indian Skin – A subtle poison

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Anatomy, Freedom, Global, Human, India, Society
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Fairness in 5 weeks!!!, Fairness cream for men!!!, Fairness Soap, Fairness cream, Blah blah blah….

What is this affinity towards fairness and the so called ‘Gorapan’? Every other product that even at minute level touches our brown skin claim to do wonders. Why are we so obsessed with it? Mostly we consider beauty as white skin. How does it help living your life with pride? At least, that is what the ads try to showcase. May be your fair skin gives other the delusion of your over-rated high worth which certainly doesn’t mean that you are “worth-it”. What you are worth should not be judged by your color but by your capability.

But with the continuous promotion of white and fair skin in the digital age, its apartheid nature is imbibed by us at some level. We all owe it to our own social-strata. The ad campaign is done by people who are one among us only. Their creativity is taking a toll on the human mind. Everyday you see a new product launched with marketing gimmicks like for e.g. the fairness meter. WTF? I mean who could be that stupid to fall into that net. The meter doesn’t even matches the skin color all the time but still people do get attracted. And with the celebrities endorsing those products, these gimmicks really help upboost the sale of products.

So who is the culprit and who is the victim. The victim certainly is the consumer who falls prey to such stupid promotion campaigns. Our social-strata are like this only, that one succumbs under the pressure of looking white. But when I try to point the fingers on the culprit, it’s not the companies, it’s not the campaigns. It is their job to promote the product. By any means possible. It is again us who are responsible for this out-break. Promotion is prone to failure if rejected by society but we at some level demanded the Gorapan. We like white skin and there is no denying about it. But our adoration to it has proved fatal for us. It seems the fantasy that rested in our minds is dovetailed to our DNA now.

It will take a rigorous fanaticism against such campaigns on our part to break this mind-cuff now. Otherwise, what we gained earlier is subject to extinction, from our souls this time.

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