Cop’s New Formula: Blood Group A + B = AB

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Amazing, Freedom, Human, India
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Delhi cops recently came up with a formula that’s gonna take the biological advancement to a whole new level. They found out that blood group A & B when mixed together become blood group AB. At least that was the logic they applied to crack a murder case.

Well it so happened that a couple was murdered 11 years ago. The cops swung into action, found the weapon of offence and caught the culprit. The trial court sentenced the accused to life on the basis of proofs submitted by cops. All said and done, cops solved the case in a wink.

The accused then appealed in the high court and during the hearing a new goof-up came into light which was even ignored at the trial court.

In a desperate attempt to crack a double murder with no eyewitnesses, these policemen planted blood group AB on the weapon of offence thinking it would explain the killing of a man and his wife who had blood groups A and B, respectively. The trick fell flat before the Delhi high court, which caught the fraud while hearing the appeal of Deepak Kaul, who was sentenced to life by a trial court for killing his uncle V N Kaul and his wife Shanti Kaul 11 years ago. Apparently, some policemen overzealously planted the blood (AB group) on the weapon thinking that blood group A and B would become AB.

This news I read in newspaper certainly made me laugh with a fear underlying it. It was like a shiver that was searching for a spine to run up and it found mine. I really am numb and nervous and don’t know whether to laugh at the situation or to fear the horrendous plotting cops can involve into.

Another thing that strikes me is whether there are any qualification criteria for the job of police. This elementary biological stunt that they tried to apply was so dumb on their part. I am clueless whether or not they have any grey matter inside their head. If this is their way solving cases in a wink, god only knows how many more blunders have they created and how many innocent people had been framed up to support their “Meticulous” spying techniques.

In the end, again in the good faith of a common man, I just hope that this doesn’t happen evrywhere across India.



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