PAA – A special relation

Posted: December 7, 2009 in Amazing, Death, Evolution, Human
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PAA- The story of a boy suffering from a rare disease named Progeria – a rare genetic disorder that causes children to age prematurely. Now I watched this movie with a notion that it is yet again a timeless movie but it failed me to my expectation. First I’ll talk about the movie and then about the characters.

The movie as a whole was very good. The best thing in the movie was its emotional balance. The topic was very sensitive but instead of showing the sufferings and portraying sentiments over the top, the director was very much focused on to make a light entertainer. Having said that, the movie was not entirely focused on Auro. The unnecessary plot of a young M.P making a move to kick the butts of rivals and to clean the dirty hands of politics was not a justifiable move. The plot was very naïve when you see how easily our heroic MP give everyone a lesson of wholesome goodness through his unusual and honest ways. Ideally, I like it very much but I dismiss the idea on practical basis.

The world of Auro was full of good things and I appreciate it more than anything. Although the children were depicted a little more mature than it required of their age but for the flow of story I’ll accept it. Auro as a child has accepted his fate and is not worried. He instead looks on life as fun. He has the support of his family and friends. Some good and funny scenes have been put which helps the movie grow over its underlying sadness which one can always feel on seeing Auro. His deteriorating condition fills the viewer with a sense of pity. But then Auro has this fighting spirit which keeps him going with respect and rejuvenate the hearts of viewer.

As for the characters, Arudhanti Naag’s portrayal of a grandmother was authentic and fresh. Vidya Balan’s role as a single mother was beautifully sketched and perfectly played. Abhishek was found dwindling as his efforts for a cleaner India were affected by his personal life. His bond with his on-screen father Paresh Rawal was not promising. His attitude was beyond my scope to understand.

And last but not the least, Big B was great as Auro, but certainly not the best. I don’t feel this was his best. I know what he is capable of and he has done much stronger roles than this. Just because this was a different role doesn’t qualify as Big B’s best. He is known for variant flavor anyway. He did justice to the role, but I would say that this role was just not fit for him. His body stat was too bulky for a 12 year old boy. He looked different from the rest of class.

All in all, I would say it was a nice drama with all the emotional balance in place. A good movie to enjoy with family. But never go with the expectation of a lifetime performance from Big B. It’s not.

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