Dandia @ Office

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Amazing, India

So today, we had dandia dance at our office. It’s part of navratri  and dusshera celebration going on for a week now. I being at the client site don’t get too much of exposure to such happening events. All I get exposed to is deadly and scary news and views and reviews and deadlines from my client  and my manager alike. “Choti si umar mein hi bhaari zimme-dari dedi in kandho pe, Kya karoon ab!”  

Neways coming back to the point, so I was fortunately present in the office, while this celebration was going on and to bless me with “Sawa rupiah ka Prasad”, I didn’t even had any work to do. (Eventually I comes to office only when I’m a vella or the client ask me to take my holy presence out of their vicinity so that they can do something productive without finding my poking nose in every Tom Dick and Harry’s affair.) Being voted unanimously as the best “Shaadi Barat wala” dancer once, I have stopped performing and showcasing my talent in public now. So participating in the celebration was completely out of question. And to favor my decision nobody even asked me to participate. I grunted and felt relaxed at their vision of seeing the faltu aadmi  in me.

But my other side had a tickling in the morning and I brought a digital camera to make videos and shoot photos of “khoobsurat Potiyas” in my office whom I hardly able to meet otherwise. But, that bloody security walah snatched the camera from my hands under the pretence of security and I couldn’t do anything. I did what I’m best at – cursing and left the camera behind with the security. Later when the dance program started in evening, I went there with my colleagues and watched others doing dandia. Incidentally my friends were also self-acclaimed dancers like me who believe in no-showcasing of their talent.

Whatever the case be, I enjoyed myself and the occasion. Snacks was being served and I made sure that I had something in my hands and more so in my mouth so that no one asks me to groove. The whole party went well and I felt light after the pressure I was in at the client-site. The end of the day could never have been better than this in office.

  1. gaurrav says:

    Stopped performing as barati wala dancer!! that was hilarious man!! …apna transfer hamesha k liye office mein karwa lo !

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