Aisa bhi hota hai – Part III (Breaking News)

Posted: September 21, 2009 in Amazing, India, Uncategorized
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Disclaimer: The following article has some content which is not suitable for children. Viewers discretion is advised.

Breaking News

The fever of breaking news…On all TV channels and Newspaper is breaking all records. May be all the journalist do a quick crash course on “How to make a news – Breaking News” or “How to create a news from nowhere” or “How to make a news – Juicy”.

And with all those “Shaam Wala Akhbaar” (Evening Newspaper) being in circulation, creativity is displayed at its best.

Presenting to you ladies and gentlemen, a cutting from a newspaper, which shocked me to my core.


  1. gaurrav says:

    look at the woman holding the limb of kutiya….lol social guardian!!

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