Austerity Drive

Posted: September 16, 2009 in India
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The latest buzz across the country now-a-days is the austerity drive being followed by our honorable ministers. Wow….What a pleasant surprise? For long I’d forgotten that they are elected individuals set to perform some duties towards the nations. For long I thought that being a Neta is like getting a white collar job with status, power and money.

I don’t blame any one of them for what they have been doing. After all, it is what our nation has taken the shape of. Everybody kept adjusting as per their rules and norms and they kept bending the spine of nation. But there is a catch. They are held in so much of disrespect and disgust that sometimes we just ignore if they do start something on the positive side.

I applaud for them on this particular act, that they atleast started doing something. Even if this is carried out on a regular basis by all of them, we can save a lot. Start always seems odd and small but it has to be done. Now whether that saving is going is altogether a different issue.

As of now, I welcome their initiative, irrespective of the cause and motive.

  1. memunish says:

    I was myself thinking about writing a piece on the same topic and I stumbled upon urs.
    Consider the pain ordinary people had to suffer coz Rahul Gandhi had to board a train and his security guards wont let anyone else thru that door.
    Its same as Delhi roads are blocked when these VIPs move.
    Either they should walk like ordinary people (IMO they should be made to wait before everyone else boards) or they should stay in their specialized compartments.

  2. anu-mantra says:

    Well first of all…thanx for ur comment…
    And I beg to differ humbly with you on some points which I would like to elaborate with ur permission.

    As it goes sir, the very first reality check which we fail to understand is that they are VIP after all. It is the status awarded to them regarding the job they are entitled to do. Whether or not they do it honestly is different. My point is why then we expect them to wait for ordinary people to pass before them.
    Another point is security is very much needed for a VIP as compared to a common man as they can be deemed as soft target otherwise. And it will impact the nation in a negative sense.
    I think its time to stop comparing and change our mindset for a new revolution. Even a small step can start the ball rolling.

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