YSR Memorial vs Wildlife Act

Posted: September 9, 2009 in India, Uncategorized
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Hmm…The untimely demise of Chief Minister Y SRajasekhara Reddy was a sad event. I am not mourning though but the death of a leader do cause some unstability and what follows is a row of hasty and emotional decisions that sometimes go out of the boundary.

Yes, I’m talking about the AP’s government decision of erecting an YSR memorial at the crash site in Nallamala forests which unfortunately falls under restricted site.
On monday, tourism minister J Geetha Reddy announced that the crash site at Pavurallagutta would be developed into a major tourist spot. Since the mishap site is close to Byrluti range in Chintagundam in Atmakur division — a core area in the Nallamala forests — any construction, including roads, is banned as per the 1972 Wildlife Act. Did our honourable minister minister not knew this or was he showing that minister’s are above law? Anything can be moulded and bend for them. Is that it?

Do they not feel any sense of responsibility while on the move? Their speech and action, all negate their very Karma for which they are chosen. Every other day, they remind us of their foolishness. You just can’t ignore them.

They could have done a better job in resurecting the honourable minister than just erecting a memorial for him. But its needless to point out now what they could have done?

Just praying that someday I get to see a better side of them. Lord, are you here?…Please help them…


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