Terrorist is still alive…

Posted: August 21, 2009 in India
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Welcome to Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Part III

Pooh-pooh is  a country  far far away from India, so far that there cannot be any uncanny resemblance between the two countries. One irresponsible citizen of the country wrote me a letter about a terrorist attack over his country and what happened there after. Though the matter was serious but the way he wrote made the incident interesting and I feel compelled to share that with you all readers. It goes like this:

Did 26/11 attack really made an impact on us. I don’t think so. Genuinely speaking, I don’t even care. Our own country and its citizens have made a fun of it. All the fuss created was more inclined on making it a match to international level attack of 9/11 on US. (International isliye kyuki hamari aadhi janta foreign ke naam pe US hi sochti hai. US and foreign words are used interchangeably, many a times.) Anyway, coming back to my point, at that time media behaved irresponsibly as much as the government. There is no second thought that in order to bring the first and fresh news they did many a things which may have jeopardize the opearation of military. Without approval, delivering a raw piece of information that too live, was the most idiotic thing to do on their part. Although they do it all the time but the situation was totally different then. I expected a more mature use of the independence that the media has up its sleeves. People were outraged, asking questions to our dear government, media accelerating the drive for action to be taken against the culprit, government also showed some stern face and stance. But then, after a few days, in the name of Jumbai’s (city where attack happened) spirit, everybody moved on. It was just another dreadful chapter in the history of Jumbai. Is that it? I mean there’s no problem in moving on but that doesn’t mean we should forget what happened. That pressure we build upon the government subsided. Why? It’s because we don’t care. In the moment of fury, we abused, we acted a little, we criticized, we pressurized. But that’s all gone now.

And on top of that, the lone terrorist who was captured during the attack is still alive all in the name of bloody justice of this country. Arre millions of cases are pending in the courts lekin pehle bhaisahab ko justice mil jaaye. Hamara kya hai 10-15 saal intezaar karna to aadat ho gayi hai justice ke liye. Ab isme case banana wali kya baat thi, God only knows. At one point of time, even Chutiya( name of terrorist) got so bored of the proceedings, that he himself confessed and asked for the end of trial. Seems he is enjoying his stay and trial. Every second day or three, you can see him playing some tantrums like asking for Mutton Biryani and the speedier than light news channels and  newspaper wallah flocking over his every move turning him into a celebrity. In the holy name of god, who wants to know about him. What he wants and how is he doing? Just hang him and end the story. Why to give him such an importance. And don’t tell me that Poo-poo needs to know about his Akka. Jaan bhi lenge to uparwale kuch karenge nahi. Unki haddi mein kuch hai hi nahi.

While I write this, that bastard is still alive and case is still going on. Lord save the country, my dear country – Pooh-pooh.

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