My Accident in Mumbai

Posted: July 27, 2009 in India
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In last two days, I met a variety of personalities in Mumbai.  When I shifted to Mumbai last year, I was warned of its street. Last Friday night, that Mumbai street nearly took my life. It so happened that I went to a restaurant near by my home for dinner with my friend. It was around 11 P.M. As we took my seat there and asked the waiter for the menu, he coldly told us that the restaurant is about to close and there is only Biryani that is left to be served. We left the place mumbling of how unprofessional the treatment was. Then we started debating on how Mumbai people are mean and so ill-mannered. Perhaps I didn’t know what was coming next.

As we started moving, in search of another restaurant, still cursing that waiter for not serving us dinner, suddenly I fell on the road with a loud thud as something huge hit me from back. My friend yelled at the SUV that after hitting me at nearly a speed of 50-60 Kmph came to a halt at a distance. But only for a second, then it drove away following a zigzag path. Due to insufficient light on the streets, he didn’t see the number but one can safely assume that the driver was drunk. He came to me, till then few waiters from that same restaurant had also arrived. There I was lying in a pool of mud (due to the rainy season) with my right foot ankle twisted. As they helped me stand up and one waiter gave me a jug of water to wash my wounds. I was surprised to see so many helpful hands coming for me. Certainly, I’ve still a lot to understand about Mumbai, I told to myself. One person who was eating there offered me to drop home, while I was busy analyzing my body for possible cuts and wounds and more threateningly bone fracture. It has never happened to me before and I prayed the same this time too. It was a miracle only that after been hit by a SUV, I was still conscious and moving. I had some bruises on my right hand and leg. The only major injury was that my right ankle was twisted and I was finding it hard to walk or even stand. It was paining like hell and there was a deep cut on the bottom side of thumb. Well, I gladly accepted his offer as there was no other option for me. I reached home thanked him and straight went to the bathroom to wash my wounds and then I did the dressing. That night I knew I’ve to go through hell as it started paining severely. I applied fast relief on the affected area but it gave only a mild relief. Next morning, I went to the doctor for checkup. She closely examined the wounds, gave me an injection of tetanus and asked me to have an X-ray of the ankle. Later the report came and everything was normal except some tissue swelling.

I was lucky to survive that near to fatal accident with small bruises and a disabled foot, which is still healing but these last two days have taught me a lot about Mumbai. If I was hit by one belligerent driver who didn’t even bothered to have a look at me, I found a lot of helpful hands reaching out to me offering their help be it the stranger who offered me a lift without me asking him or my neighbor who when came to know about my accident took me to hospital very next day and stayed with me all day.

But even after all this turmoil that I went through, it couldn’t stop me from enjoying my Sunday. Watching a movie is a must and that I did. The only bad thing was that it was my “Luck” that I met an accident to prevent me from going to the movie “Luck” that was released this week, but my bad”Luck” was so good that it shadowed my good “Luck” and I anyhow went to see the movie “Luck” and felt that my bad “Luck” is always with me, no matter what? Yuck!!!

(If only I had counted the number of times this L word was iterated and enunciated I would have had my names in Guinness Book of World Record for patience).

  1. That’s Mumbai and its people for you – they won’t serve you biryani, but will come to your rescue when you truly need a helping hand! Try pretending to be hurt and hungry next time you go to a restaurant at closing time! Just kidding! Keep writing!

    • anu-mantra says:

      Yup…and that’s Y we say yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan…
      Hansi Khusi, Sukh-Dukh, Gana-Bajana…Everything goes hand in hand here…

      Thanx for your comment…

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