Is GOD dead?

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Global, India
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Recently I got my hands on an article published in TIMES magazine way back in 1966. The topic was “Is GOD dead?” It is a question that tantalizes both believers, who perhaps secretly fear that he is, and atheists, who possibly suspect that the answer is no. This debate over the existence of God has for long divided us as Theist (Aastik) and Atheist (Naastik).The article covered in great depths the thoughts and beliefs of atheist and theist, about what they think of god. But the basic thing is how different is the issue then with the concept of non-existence of God. A century ago, Prophet Nietzsche gave a thesis saying that the striving, self-centered Man has killed God. But then, that article was published a long way back, hence was only limited to Christian theology and like. 

Since childhood, I was taught about the supreme God. I was made to believe He is powerful, benevolent and omnipotent. I was made to have faith in Him, for nothing happens without his will. And that our holy father loves thy children, and always listens to us and blah blah blah…. And then came science first in my textbooks and then in my head, that pushed me to ask question forbidden otherwise. Science gave me the reasons of events happening around me and needless to say, I enjoyed them more than anything saying it’s happening because of God’s will. My faith in God kept on shattering as I grew and developed to be able to think logically. So I shed my identity as being a theist. A new thesis was told to me, that Science explains “How” but the answer to “Why” is God. And that’s where I rested my case. You see, why do we need God? Just because we cannot explain certain things, we attribute it to God. He is nothing more than our inability to reason, to think, to find answers then. It’s just like arranging things by category and those which can’t be classified in to any put them under the category miscellaneous. Is it so? Then may I infer that God is our creation rather than we being His.  Anyway I started considering myself an Atheist. I read books on atheism, their thinking and philosophy. I think it is a concept that ask us not to fear God (concept), to ask for reasons and not just faith, to believe in unknown, but don’t limit yourself for its fear. Atheism can be seen as the opposite of theism but this is not always so. Some freethinkers do not like to be called atheists as, by definition, this means that there is theism and one must therefore accept the preposterous idea that there is a god (or gods) to deny. This is a perfectly understandable position to take. Probably the latest book I read was “How to be an Atheist” by Nick Harding. It started on the same point. Defending atheism and striking religion. This I consider as a fallacy. For how different would an atheist then be if all he does is opposing religion? So I shed the idea of being an atheist too.

What is religion? Two bodies think differently. Later they expand their idea to others. People join them as per their understanding. And they form a cult which grows and grows, to the extent that the original idea is so hard lined that it doesn’t matter if it is applicable in today’s world or not. Today they can’t dare to question the validity of the idea. They are negative. And when these two cults meet today, they fight over their false sense of supremacy. One interesting point to note is that though all religion says that there is only one God, their notion are all different. I don’t like to follow such ambiguous paths where the illumination is itself ignorant of the cause. The funny thing is religion tells us GOD is universal. I say NO…How can GOD be universal. He’s not even truly global. Our definition and belief changes regionally. I have seen people debating over “My GOD and Your GOD”. How come in all the epics, the description of GOD is limited to just earthly things. GOD created universe, light, air, sun, moon…and planet earth and the moment earth was created he forgot everything else and focused his all damn effort here to create humans. If ever GOD existed, there must have been description of other celestial bodies. Why is it that all he did was for humans? It seems that GOD only knew as much as the humans. How lame one can get. 

I think it’s truly the time when we need a religion that is progressive. One that is based on reasons and logics. No one should be barred from thinking and asking beyond limits. Limit should not be there at all. Science can serve as a religion. It doesn’t even have the answers to all questions. But it doesn’t stops there. It accepts the fact and keeps on moving until the answer is found. Unlike religion, it doesn’t negate any idea or possibility. It just waits for the time till answers are found. Possibly a great book I read on issues related to science and religion is “Science and Faith” by C. John Collins. It’s time to take the good out of both and make a better world.

Let us re-search GOD within us and around us. Find the truth of his existence. Find the allegiance that is not blind. Find the GOD that is Him and not our creation.


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