Planet Earth

Posted: July 6, 2009 in Global
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Studies keep flooding in how the male human form is just so insignificant. A woman can concieve by herself without the use of otherwise triumphically very much needed sperm of a male in future. Early experiments have claimed to have created early stage sperm cells that can be produced from a (wo)man bone marrow.

And then there came a stunning  news that men are on the road to extinction as their genes shrink and slowly fade away. A Professor named Jennifer Graves revealed the bleak future to medical students at a public lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCSI) in Ireland. According to her study and research, some three hundred million years ago the Y chromosome had about 1,400 genes on it, and now it’s only got 45 left, so at this rate we’re going to run out of genes on the Y chromosome in about five million years.

Well, I’m least worried about the fate of a male five million years from now, lest to speak if only humans will let this planet survive for another 100 or 200 years. And believe me the fictional picturization of our planet as seen in most of the Sci-Fi movies is a far thing to happen. We keep on consuming resources at an abysmal rate and keep on blabbering to “Go Green”, “Reduce your Carbon footprint” etc. I don’t care about these things. Why can’t everybody just stop using things that are harming the environment. Stop using mobile phones, AC, fuel- guzzling SUV’s. Stop all the satellite launches as a rocket releases so much of pollution in one combustion which 50 bikes will never produces in  their whole life. It’s sounds rather silly to read this naa, for who would live life like that of a nomadic. No one, why should one. We all know that the process cannot be stopped, so all we talk is to hinder the process, slower the process  not that we in any way are concerned about the earth. No I don’t think so. All we think is to maximize our chances to survive. N0 kidding but i don’t support the idea anymore.

To me evolution is a natural process and so is extinction. So what to some may be the barbaric nature of humans, is for me the cause of our own extinction. What good did it served to the dinosaurs who inhabited this planet before us. Did they harmed this planet in any way? No, yet they became extinct. So I believe that either we should stop preaching dual standards once and for all or we should live our life to the fullest. Gone are the days of gradual changes, humans have lost the patience. And so have I. I don’t see myself as a hero saving the world. Huh… Seems good in films and stories only. So I’ve stopped listening to these cries, although I try my best to keep my consumption of  resources under check, but its only an individual effort after all and sometimes I do get extravagant.

  1. Prabhu says:


    Nobody knows where we exactly started…

    No one knows where the end is…

    SO enjoy the life to the fullest….Dont think of anything that will take away your precious time from you….


  2. anu-mantra says:

    Now that’s what I call a Man-Talk…. Seriously Prabhu that is what everybody should do…hehehe..

    And yeah, thanx for stopping by and imparting your precious wisdom.

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