Just another low day in my life

Posted: June 29, 2009 in frustation, God, job, letter

Today I’m feeling a bit on low side. May be my battery is low…(*&^%$#%^^). I don’t know what am I writing? FCUK. Yaar yeh duniya mein koi chain se kabhi reh hi nahi sakta kya??? Uff !!! My frustoo attitude is being reflected in my work today. Two of my enhancements have bombed since morning and I’ve been reprimanded by my manager.

Back in college days, one of my teacher used to say that a S/W engineer is nothing but a “Majdoor”, so don’t think that you guys are going to be some top notch big-shot. Your donkey will always be the first in line when fire will broke. And alas, as always I didn’t listened to him and today here I am sitting in front of screen writing codes which don’t work, if they work they aren’t optimized, if optimized then not carrying much of the functionalities. Oh GOD !!! If you are there, watching this son of yours struggling and laughing at me, then please it’s time to stop fooling around and help me. As the question of administration goes, there is been a distinct decline in your leadership and admin qualities. The whole world is in utter chaos, so don’t give me the excuse that you are a busy person. No you are not. You have just gone lazy, or things have gone out of your hand and you are just like a TV mechanic who knows how to open the set and then look at all the parts and wondering how and where to fix them.

So please at least help me. You know me, how dumb I am. I don’t know how to stand up for me. This job has sucked the whole life out of me. And with this recession thing doing the rounds like a warden in a hostel, who is always finding ways to stuck a bamboo rod up in your donkey. Ouchhhh… Please I don’t want to be that guy. Save me Lord…For I’ve yet not loosed my self respect and I’m too depressed to handle the pressure of my work. I don’t know if I’ll be able to cope up with what all you’ve written in your script for me. But please change it to something good before it’s too late.

From tomorrow onwards, I’m going to work in a whole new environment. It can be as good as finding water in dessert or can be as worse as …well my present life is a perfect example of that.
I’ll try to draw out the nectar from my poisonous life. Just be there to help me, hold me whenever I falter. And please don’t screw it up more that what it already is.

Time to wrap up my work for today, so I’ll end this little letter here only. I have to leave early today as I’ve to go for a movie. Bye…

P.S. Hoping for a bright and shiny day tomorrow (not literally) in my life.

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