India Anatomy

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Anatomy, Freedom, Independence, India, Society

“East or West, India is the best.”
“Saare Jahan se Accha, Hindustan Hamara. “
“India is fast emerging as a super power.”

Ok. Cut the crap and let’s talk sensibly. I agree India has done very good and is a leading developing country. But does anyone disagree that this pace is slow if not too slow. Even after 62 years of independence, we are still a developing country. Although we have an improved living standard, but still the literacy rate is low, a major chunk of Indian population is still living below poverty line.
We can see it as the near to perfect example of Mathew Effect. The effect takes its name from a line spoken by “the Master” in Jesus’ parable of the talents in the biblical “Gospel of Matthew”.
“For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.” To restate it in simpler words: “The rich will be richer and the poor will be poorer.”

So what is it that is hindering our development, even though we have the capability and dexterity? Is it our corrupt political system, the banana republic, the divide on basis of caste and creed, urban and rural?
Well to me, all these things exist in part or as a whole in every sphere. I am not going to blame the politicians, the society and the people this time. Instead let’s look at the situation from a different perspective.

Let’s start from the present. A lot has changed over the years, the way we think and act, our culture and society. For e.g. the once joint family concept is no more a flavor. People are turning individualistic. Today we are more open minded and adaptable to changes. The Indians have make their presence felt in everywhere. But somewhere down the line, in the race of showcasing the Indian might, I feel our internal structure got corrupted. It’s not as strong as it should have been. Now what went wrong? May I say that our own culture and the past may be responsible? We have always been taught about our rich culture, many a brave clans and their people, our age old civilization. But what we overlook is the failure, the defeat and our shortcomings. As an old saying goes: “History is always written by the winning side.” Very true, of course, one who is defeated has not the leverage of writing his shortcomings. Does He? Sound logical to me.

Moving back to older times, I see that India was never so united. It was divided into small regions ruled by different rulers who were always fighting among themselves, for whatever reason it may be, but they were never one as an Indian. Amongst all this fighting it was the common man who had to suffer even at that time too. (I agree that many a great rulers were born on this land who worked for their subjects and were truly a king and that is where my point stands. We remember them because we have taught about them only. But reality has more to it than these rulers only.) I fail to see ancient India as one. Even the topology of ancient India differs from what it is today. Coming back to the point, the people were helpless at that time too. They had to give in, if their ruler is defeated in the war. We have always been submissive to a person higher in authority to us. That is what our culture has taught and what we followed all the time.

Based on the above argument, I put forth a few of my points:
1. Under the rule of British, we learned what slavery is and got united for a common cause
of independence. (However, the usage of we looks quite deceptive here, as this
generation has not a single idea of what our forefathers have gone through so much so
that they revolted against the British Raj. So by ‘we’ I mean our forefathers as Indian
and not us.)

2. The current political system is a mere reflection of the then British Raj, only
difference being that now we choose our masters ourselves and then go to sleep.

3. If one argues about freedom, then I think people who didn’t interfere with the British
were also free. You accept their kingdom and they offer you life. The same scenario is
prevalent in all parts of India today also. Only thing is that we now have to accept
the offer from one among us.

All in all, the plight of a common man is no different than as before independence. He was helpless before, he is now and he will be. It’s in our gene now I guess to be submissive. We don’t how to lead our life without supervision. We always need a leader, however cruel he may be, but we need him there. We need a society, however repulsive and selfish it may be, but we need it there. We need our caste system, however futile and inhumane it may be, but we need it there.

As a writer, I can very well conclude my article and give my own verdict over the situation, but that would not be justified as I don’t want anyone to get influenced by my idea. Instead I’ll leave this to the readers to decide whether or not

“East or West, India is the best.”
“Saare Jahan se Accha, Hindustan Hamara. “
“India is fast emerging as a super power.”

Disclaimer: This article is not written as an abuse to India and Indian. I’m only stating my opinion and views here and analyzing the cause from a different view. Readers are requested not to get influenced.


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