Confession of a Broken Heart

Posted: January 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

A loud ringtone woke me up. I looked at my watch it showed 4:00 o’ clock in the morning. My hand started searching that bloody device without the aid of my eyes as I was too sleepy to even open them. I cursed and cursed the caller for his “why do I care for other’s comfort ?” attitude.
Few seconds later I caught hold of my mobile. Without even looking I rejected the call and went to sleep. No second call came and I once again went on to my sweet journey of dreaming.
Later I woke up at 8:00 o’ Clock and opened my laptop to see for any mail of my concern. My Gtalk which was always logged on, flashed me a message saying I’ve got mail from Gaurav Pandey. Ahh… this name I heard after a long time. I opened my inbox and there it was a mail from Gaurav.
I opened the mail and read it and it touched my heart. So touched I would like to share it with all the readers. It’s a real piece of writing, so original and personalized. You can feel the pain in you after reading the sentiments of a broken heart.

Confession of a broken heart
To whomsoever it may concern

Its time i should confess before you the agony of being looser and speak my heart out perhaps because they say the suffering lessens by sharing.I wonder if it does.So,how does it feel when someone so very close to you suddenly becomes a stranger.When a long relationship gets shattered into pieces for no reason.It might sound strange but oddly its true for me.The intricacies of human life are really hard to decipher.At one moment it may seem like all good things coveted by me are in my reach and no wonder the next moment before i could realize,everything dissapears as if all real things before me a few moments ago were like a mirage which fades off before i thought i was in it.Deliberately or Undeliberately life begins to cease.A lot many questions remain unjustified and unanswered as to why things are the way they are and not the way they should not have been.Illogical reasonings crop up in my colleague ‘mind’ trying to justify the unjustifiable,may be to soothe me if only it could .Every memory seems to eat me from within.The petty things that we did for each other becomes a reason to fathom the depth of our love only to find it .Those petty squabbles which once were a part of an extended drama of life prick your heart as if they are competing with the ‘strong’ heart in a competition to let the tears roll down. Somewhere deep in your heart which you thought was an abode of your beloved one there resides the weeping soul.The more you try to lull it and to forget , the contours of memory etched in the canvas of your psyche seems to grow darker and stronger.
We seem to ask repeatedly to our conscience as to why inspite of our true loyalty people betray us.Why do we become an object of mockery and why do things blow out of proportion.

But as an optimist I believe that time is the best emollient for these intangible wounds.Perhaps things would no more be the same but there is always an alternate way.Its time to move ahead rather then sobbing over what has been lost.Lets move on and on.

And oh…Those of you are still stuck as to who was the caller and its relation to this story, there’s none. It’s a different story which I’ll narrate some other time.

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