Mumbai, 26/11 Attack

Posted: November 28, 2008 in Uncategorized

I’ve been away from blogging past a few months. My job is keeping me away from all sort of creativity and fun that I’m entitled to as a human being. But then as ever this is a truth I’ve to accept that I need my job to be able to have all that fun n stuff I dream of.

But something happened two days back that I feel compelled to scribe it down b’coz its driving me crazy like anything. The terrorist attack on Mumbai (Seriously I don’t know if it was really the terrorist who’ve done this b’coz the way they were handling our counter-strike, those few men hiding at hotels have given our men a tough time. I sense some big hands in this affair) has left me terrified and shaken. Our commandos are still fighting them. The last I heard that they were at the nariman house stratizing to get those bastards out from a house where they have takem some people as hostages.

Sitting back at home last night I was glued to the IDIOT BOX watching the news and somewhere inside me I felt a shivering. I tried to convince me that its nothing but due to the cold weather, but one cannot lie to himself. Can you? I know the difference, believe me. The reason this ‘adrenaline’ oozing out inside my body is because I was being transferred to Mumbai last week but due to some delay in communication from my mumbai office my transfer was postponed. And now I see those attacks and finds myself connected to the victims. I may have been one of them.

Mumbai is self healing, people are stronger and it keep on moving which gives these goons a messsage that they may hurt us but cannot kill us. But the things is why these attacks keep on happening. The serial bomb blast in mumbai, banglore, ahemdabad, lucknow, allahabad, delhi in recent years to name a few, are serious issues but are forgotten with passage of time. We indians are like sponges, we absorb anything and everything so easily that now these blasts and attacks feel like a tickle in our bone.

I would not go into blaming our country system, our politicians, our banana attitude towards the internal and external affairs this time because this will not help me aur anybody for that matter. Moreover it doesn’t serve any cause anymore, it just add on to the noise pollution.

I would like to give my condolences to the people who died in the attack and hope that this situation will get buried in the pages of history and never resurfaces.


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