Art of Living: Life or Death

Posted: April 2, 2008 in Death, Life, Life Cycle, Spirituality

“To live, is to risk dying. Live anyway”
This proverb has influenced me with an impact. It has a deep meaning which unfolds to me the secret of life and death. Now I live every moment of my life so that I can die well, too.

We humans, have developed a tendency of greediness for every good thing over time. We prosper, we need it more. We gain power and wealth, yet we ache for more. Simply stated, we want more of everything good we get.We got life, we want to live more. And one day we find ourselves at the dawn of death. Only then we think of questions like: What is this about? Where will I go? What will happen to me?

Most of the people are afraid to even think about death. They simply try to ignore this very simple truth. They fear each day of dying and are not able to appreciate the beauty they can, by living that day. If someone ask me to differentiate between life and death, I would say that there is no difference between them. They are just the two ends of thread. Its just the difference of perception what ends do you see as heads and tails. For instance I can say I’m living but that also means I’m dying too. I’m in the process of dying and one day I’ll die. It is this realization that makes me not afraid of death now. Now I appreciate what life gives to me and enjoy every moment with grace. It’s just that so much of negativity is associated with “death”. But it is a part of life too. One cannot live if he doesn’t wanna die because he’ll always be too busy to be as precautious as he can be to avoid death, which eventually will happen. If one is afraid of death, he is only avoiding life, he cannot avoid death.
Only when one is aware of the mortal nature of life, he’ll not take anything for granted. He’ll try to make the most of every moment in his life and will live purposefully and peacefully.

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