Human Species

Posted: March 30, 2008 in Evolution, God, Human, Life Cycle, Species

Eversince I was a child, I have been taught about the Almighty who sees us every moment, who cares for us. But I never saw him. I always wondered if he even exist and if all this is just a mere imagination to control ourselves. Its like a law which prohibits us from doing wrong, which gives us the strength to believe that good deeds will be appreciated and wrong doers will be punished.

Ever since man has discovered intelligence he went on with his spree to find the answer to an ultimate question – What/Who created this magnificent stage, the characters? Who writes the scripts?
He tried to find the answer religiously, spiritually or even technologically but he still don’t have any appeasing answer as to who is his creator.

Whatever religion one may follow, it all leads us to one thing – The God. Its the Supreme Entity to whom we are answerable for all our deeds. Some may see him as an abstract entity – an energy or some may idolize it for convenience. Some gone all the way to abstinence, some tried to search while very much using the facility He provided.
Man even discovered the celestial bodies like our earth and tried to explore them, their cause of evolution or even destruction to device a formula which can give us an idea of how the Life-Cycle of Universe works.

But in doing all this, we got divided by countries, religions and castes. We forgot that He who gave us birth would never have wanted his children to fight among themselves. He would always have wanted us to be happy. But we act like spoiled children who never listens to Him. From all what we gathered about the life cycle of a system, the ultimate truth is that what is created is meant to be destroyed. And we even after boasting ourselves as an intelligent species don’t recognize how we are deteriorating as a species. Though we have the power to think, to analyze we don’t understand the true values of ourselves today. We are too busy making barriers to separate from each other, to misuse the environment He gave us to breed. And in the end we do it all in the name of God and shrinking all the responsibility from our shoulders.

I believe its crunch time for us to realize that true motto. To look into ourselves and find the answer within instead of destroying everything around us in search of something we have never seen or someday we would have nothing left for us.

  1. NKN says:

    Hi Anubhav,This is a good reflection of thoughts,might be most of the denizens have this thought lingering within themselves… few express it…Ya i speak of soul and the mind and relate it to GOD… all these are unknown…This is lovely expression….

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